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Yes, they can but you can't.

So i have been a YES customer, 4 months shy of 2 years. I started off on a 98 per month plan and i loved them so much that i upgraded to the highest plan that was on offer at the time. 168 per month with a data quota of 10GB. i think this was way back in 2012. figured rather than pay for wired connection having a wireless option would allow me more flexibility with my data.

the service was fairly reliable. you had to be prepared for a very much lower throttled speed once u breach your quota. but that's all already covered in the terms.

now sometime late last year, i found out that YES have introduced newer plans that is more suited to my needs. they have introduced a plan with segregated peak and off peak data quota. and you basically get more GB per buck overall. so i called them up and ask if i can change my existing contractual plan and move to the newer plan.

their response was nope i can't "downgrade" to a new plan since i am already on the highest plan available. a plan that has since been discontinued. YES have this thing where they welcome you to upgrade your plan but they DON'T allow you to downgrade.

no downgrade.

i explained that my original contract which i signed up for 24 months was lower than the new plan that i wanted to upgrade to. so technically it isn't really a downgrade right? well they suggested that if i want to change to the new plan, i can terminate my current plan and subscribe. oh and here's the kicker, since it constitutes as early termination, i am required to pay the remainder of my contractual balance. and no ladies and gentlemen, this is not the original 98 per month x remainder it is now set at 168 per month x whatever months remain.

so basically they're asking me to pay the early termination charges, and then bend over and sign up on a new plan with them. right.

so i began looking through their terms and conditions and i found this clause at the part where they say early termination etc.

i read that, and i understood it as hey i have upgraded to a higher valued plan, why do they still insist on charging me early termination? I've asked around and folks are saying it actually means if i were to terminate because i wanted to upgrade to a higher valued plan - then the charges will be waived. now again maybe this is a matter of interpretation. i was talking to a Shaun from the customer service and asked what he understood from that clause, he couldn't give a more definitive answer apart from they've already highlighted to their management, and the recommendation was for me to suck it and stay for another 4 months before signing up to that other plan. and if i still want to terminate i need to pay 168 x 4 months.

i argued that why should i pay 168 x 4 months instead of the 98 x 4 months as per my original contract? they basically said that once i upgraded the contract is now 168. i can't find any reference of this anywhere in their T&C.

so i am in a quandary. do i a) pay YES the early termination fee and ditch them on principles. effectively giving them the money for nothing since i won't be able to use them anymore anyways and 168 x 4 is still a lot of money. or do i b) suck it in serve the remainder of the contractual balance and dump them then? 

it is a sheer sign of arrogance in a company that they can get away with imposing ridiculous terms on their customers. i know that you always need to cover your ass and read the terms. but in this case even the terms are pretty much subject to their own interpretation and not yours. i see them as having no value for customer loyalty and basically do not care about u.

i for one will be more than happy to NOT be continuing my association with them. thanks.
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