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Sometimes to start you have to stop.

I hate generalization. I hate the fact that people can form their judgement on you based on your religion and your race. Without even bothering to know you for who you are.I hate the fact that folks are more than willing to accept this as a norm and not bother to change because hey that's how it is just roll with it.I hate how we feel powerless to do anything.But the thing is we may not be as powerless as we think.We can do something about it. We can.We can start by stopping.Stop generalizing.Stop the mob mentality.Stop being an asshole.Stop asking for things that you don't need.Stop imposing our views on others.Stop demanding respect without earning it.Stop making mountains out of molehills.Just stop.

Yes, they can but you can't.

So i have been a YES customer, 4 months shy of 2 years. I started off on a 98 per month plan and i loved them so much that i upgraded to the highest plan that was on offer at the time. 168 per month with a data quota of 10GB. i think this was way back in 2012. figured rather than pay for wired connection having a wireless option would allow me more flexibility with my data.

the service was fairly reliable. you had to be prepared for a very much lower throttled speed once u breach your quota. but that's all already covered in the terms.

now sometime late last year, i found out that YES have introduced newer plans that is more suited to my needs. they have introduced a plan with segregated peak and off peak data quota. and you basically get more GB per buck overall. so i called them up and ask if i can change my existing contractual plan and move to the newer plan.

their response was nope i can't "downgrade" to a new plan since i am already on the highest plan availab…