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Balls and using them when it counts.

there comes a point in every relationship when you start to question where you are heading. yes there is the traditional expectations of the natural relationship progression, first comes love, than comes marriage and then the baby in a carriage. but if what you have is a good thing, why change it?

the best thing is to be clear with what your expectations are when it comes to relationship. if you want to settle down, but your partner doesn't, you need to know why. are these barriers something that can be addressed, is it a question of timing, is it a question of uncertainty, are they even serious to begin with. these questions need answers and the only sure fire way to get them is to ask. the caveat is you yourself need to be firm and sure of what is it that you want.

if u ask your partner and they tell you they're not ready. what is it. financially? emotionally? sexually? some folks are very structured in how they approach relationships. they need to know they can provide for …