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stick it in and twist it..

What is it about women and their joy at sticking it in to men when we make mistakes? Even when they're more than capable to help in solving the problem? The need to make men suffer may come from not wanting the mistakes to be repeated. Or maybe there's just that sense of pleasure in knowing that hey I’m so fucking perfect i don't make no mistakes. They just want men to be more responsible. I get that. I do. So you know what you need to do right?Either don't make any mistakes or just suck it in when they say whatever it is that they wanna say.The whole dynamics of a relationship is very unique. At any point you either can be so madly in love with one another or you just can't stand the sight of them. It’s true. It might be something they say or something they didn't. It may be something they forgot or something they didn't. And don't forget that we can also be contributing to the situation. The challenge is in weathering the extremes. If at any point, on…

long ass entry about relationships part 1.

Introduction.Every relationship is different. While some elements may be similar, the ultimate experience is unique to the person who experiences it. I’m just gonna wing this entry because i haven't been writing for a while but this topic is very close to my heart. I have written copiously about relationships. And nope i am not an expert. A lot of it is just common sense, some so common that folks take it for granted. And when they see it in action it will hit them smack dab on the nose. Now why didn't i think of that? Well it is always good to share. So anyways, here goes nothing.Timing.U can never talk about relationship without having to touch about timing. Timing is everything. It is the difference between perfectly browned toast and inedible charcoal. There’s no exact science to it. Really there isn't. Timing is directly linked to your own readiness. Some folks take charge and make their own time. Others just stand in the sidelines waiting for the right opportunity to…

When you have it all and yet you still want more..

You have all the rights to demand everything from your partner. Their utmost attention, unwavering support, comforting presence, shoulder to cry on, ears to listen etc. That's what a partnership is supposed to be like. Only that sometimes in our haste to demand all that, we overlook our own contribution into the mix. Have we given as much as we received? Or are we just too self-centred to notice? We make time for everything. We make time for others to do what they want to do. And we expect nothing less in return.Do we drop everything else then? Disregard everything else to put our partner on the top of the list? And even if we've done all that, is it ever enough? Even when you have it all, everything will never be enough.
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