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Otw to klcc mosque

New buildings filling up the skyline.

PlayBook multitasking is the shitz..

The playbook is a multitasking beast. End of.Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™

Still no fixing this?

Still having problems buying apps off the appworld. I need to go via the proxy root just to get authenticated properly. Sucks. Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™


PIM apps clearly visible.Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™

Playbook journey continues..

So finally the long awaited update for the playbook has arrived. Exactly as speculated the update was made available around 5.01 eastern time. Which was around 6pm Malaysia time. Was it worth the wait?Well for folks who have gotten the playbook earlier, it sure is. But one can't help but wonder that this was how the playbook should have launched.  Still its better late than never. 
Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™

Suria KLCC

Center court.

Touch n go to heck and back.

So yesterday I had a problem with my touch n go card. I reloaded RM 50 at the lrt counter in Kelana Jaya station. Got in. Tagged and took the lrt. Exited at KLCC. No problems. Then in the evening when I wanted to go home, I tagged my card on the machine and it says the card is rejected and i needed to check at the counter. The guy at the counter in KLCC asked if I had the receipt of my top up transaction. I said I left it at the office. He suggested that I go back to Kelana Jaya and ask the folks over there. Had to buy a manual token for my journey first. In Kelana Jaya, the lrt folks acknowledged that there had been a problem and asked me to go to touch n go branch in KL Sentral. If I wanted to get a refund. Well today I went to kl sentral. Waited for my turn and explained the situation to the tng peeps. Now in cases like mine, the problem occurred because the new ticketing gates at the lrt stations are no longer provided by tng. Hence there have been recorded instances of balance be…

Selamat pengantin baru.

Effi dan min. Good luck and all the best.


Balik nursery. Waiting for their turn to mandi.