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the errors of many..

If u really think about it, we humans never can run away from  making mistakes. Our entire existance on this earth started from a mistake. be it by design or cruel fate. but that is not the issue at hand. the notion that one should go about this life exuding perfection is somewhat flawed. to err is human. and from the mistakes we are presented the opportunity to learn. the opportunity to better ourselves. we must allow people to take these opportunities, not because we want them to taste bitter failure, it is because the learning process is part and parcel of becoming has become commonplace for folks to harp on the mistakes of others no matter how minute it seemingly is. its as if all of the sudden their own past failures and mistakes are non existent. they are the judge and jury. passing sentences like its going out of fashion. if only people would realise how petty and unproductive this is. rather than spurring someone to learn and improve, one would rather pick on the mist…

build up, tear down..

sometimes we can't help ourselves from saying things that are just down right mean and negative. on the guise that we want people to be realistic and not be over confident unnecessarily. noble intentions these are not. really. it isn't.some may not guess this but the minds of the young are fairly malleable. yes harsh words may spur them, may challenge them to be better but on the flipside it may scar and affect them negatively. in instances where you can build them up, inspire them with positivity, within reason that is, please try to choose that option. they will have more time for negativity later.entah la.

Just be happy..

People who need reasons to be happy sometimes tie those reasons to their own happiness.
It used to be easy for folks to revel in another's joy and be happy for them regardless.

Nowadays, self imposed restrictions becomes the norm when u tend to put beliefs before common sense.

It's sad.

Boot lickin lovin..

Chesney lickin van persie's chocolate leg. Pic from the sun.

Cuteness overload

Good morning world.

Panorama crazy.

I just love the panorama mode. Must have steady hands tho. Wajib. Sgs2. With pixlr-o-matic.

Bank district.

Notice how if u walk to dayabumi, from pasar seni pass the post office on ur left. On ur right u can see a bunch of banks in the same vicinity. Macam bank district. Sgs2. With pixlr-o-matic.

Happy birthday.

View from chili's.

From Pasar Seni

We can't run away from our reliance on public transport. Gahmen initiatives like the MRT project will bring the coverage of trains further than what we have now. That's great. I'm concerned though. Parts of the mrt will go underground across kl city center. Heavy tunnel boring machines tunneling under a city. Scary.