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Sweep panorama

See the full gallery on Posterous Nice feature of the galaxy s 2 camera.

Samsung galaxy s ii - initial thoughts..

Okay one must admit that seeing the phone and actually handling the phone are two different things. As with all android phones the difference are in the level of customization done on top of ur vanilla android experience and the quality of hardware that is the phone itself. Samsung has done some tweaking to the android ui via their touchwiz interface. I haven't been using Samsung before but I was expecting something obtrusive to the whole android experience. It turns out this time round the customization didn't actually obscure but in fact in somewhat enhances the experience somewhat. More on the ui later. The phone itself is one slim machine. I think they were going with a minimalist approach and by jove I think they got it. For a premium device it feels a bit light. But personally I find the build quality quite excellent. True the paper thin battery cover may scare you but you do wonder how many times that u actually would have to do a quick pull of the battery innit? Will p…

Makan time..

Lil jr having his first taste of potatoes. Yummy.