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getting back to the basics..

if u wan't people to like you, advertising what's bad about the competition won't really make people like u.if u want investment to flow into your country, you don't really thrash talk your neighbouring countries.why should it be different with religion?if you show people that ur a positive person who has an excellent personality,if u show the world that you offer the best tax breaks and facilities and amenities,and if you show the best of what Islam can offer..would it matter what the rest do?entah ler.

relationship on the rocks. to stay or to go.

i was in a very unenviable position to decide whether or not i should stay and fight to save my relationhsip or to just cut my losses and leave. often love clouds ur judgement and often u do stupid things under the pretense of loving someone.regardless of the reasons why the relationship is crumbling, u have to decide the best course of action. if both of you can come on to a consensus on what to do next, it would be much better. u both can decide to fight or say if ur the one doing the leaving, i would suggest u make it abundantly clear to ur partner that nothing they can do would ever be enough to save the relationship. (then u can call ur other boyfriend to get ready la kan) if ur the one hoping to save the relationship, u need to assess if it is all worth it or not? yes u love them but sometimes love just doesn't cut it. there are issues that needs to be addressed and u need to do a whole lotta convincing, convincing urself most, and of course ur partner too. u nee…

quick tablet verdict..

in my own personal opinion after having used extensively an ipad, an android tablet (eee pad transformer) and a playbook, the ipad gave me the most joy of use. reference device:old ipad 3Gasus eee pad transformer wifiplaybook 16GB wifi

of books and covers..

realistically, people will judge u based on ur appearance. that's the first thing they see. they won't know ur bubbly personality or positive attitude from just looking at u. hence u need to give urself a fighting chance.the challenge is striking a balance between focussing on the exterior or the car salesmen who uses sexy women to attract prospective buyers. u need to get them to wanna come and see the car before u can try to sell, we don't have to achieve perfection in beauty, it is subjective as they say. but don't be sabotaging urself by not taking care of urself.ur personality will shine through, if people have the opportunity to get to know u. its ur job to create that opportunity.

why gahmen shouldn't use subsidies as campaign fodder anymore..

From Evernote:why gahmen shouldn't use subsidies as campaign fodder anymore..most thinking and non thinking malaysians are in agreement when it comes to subsidies. its good for the people but probably at the detriment of the long term sustainability of a country.but this is where the agreement ends. thinking malaysians know that subsidies as well as taxes are tools for the gahmen to manage the economy and properly allocating the resources of a nation. its not something that the gahmen does out of the goodness of their hearts. the only thing that we the rakyat should be thankful for is that the gahmen is managing the economy as how it should be managed.nowadays, the gahmen and even to a certain extent the opposition believes that managing the economy through subsidies as a means of alleviating the burdens of low income earners. those folks who were hard done by rising petrol prices and rising food prices. but the subsidies as it stand are not really specific enough to be effective.…

bicara hukum-hakam..

any debate on hudud, should not only include pakar undang-undang islam dan alim ulamak, tetapi any artis or politician yang would have been punished severely if hudud had already been implimented. :)what i'm seeing is folks talking about how barbaric (supposedly) some of the hukuman is and how it seemed tak setimpal with the "crimes" committed. i don't think that covered all aspects of the law.i'm no expert. but i can think and sometimes i question things but it doesn't mean i disagree or disrespect anything, especially when it comes to hukum-hakam doesn't help la if some believe that since it came from god then that's that. terima dalam terpaksa?maybe all we need is just a clearer understanding of the whys and the rationale.

ajak tumbuk..

ajak tumbuk. yes that is a valid way to settle a dispute. typically ajak tumbuk works best if ur not physically in front of people la who may actually want to bertumbuk. a pseudo show of force as it were.typically it is accompanied by boisterous virtual show of cock length."eh ada berani tunggu aa aku depan 7/11""datang la twtup. datang aaa aku tunggu kau. aku pakai baju merah ade bunga ros hitam"