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plugging the brain drain..

brain drain. people leaving the country to look for better opportunities. the proposed solution to entice people already abroad to come back seems a bit shortsighted. as this does not really address the issues that led these bright malaysians into leaving the country in the first place.addressing brain drain should start at home. assess the working conditions of malaysians in malaysia. find out what are the areas that can be improved. develop a plan and run with it.personal income tax allowance. minium wage. providing more disposable income to malaysians would go a long way in appeasing to workers discontent. in a way, enticing malaysian diaspora with higher pay and more tax breaks will only promote a sense of ill will in the rest who stayed. it effectively means, if ur loyal enough to stay, ur stupid enough to be paid whatever it is ur paid.u don't fix a leaking bowl by pouring more water into the bowl.


often we fell victim of trying to fulfill expectations of others. whilst not all expectations are bad, the added pressure of having to be the best and be everything that u can be can become too much to bear. without expectations the chances are u being disappointed would be less.but without expectations it would be a chore trying to focus your efforts?maybe u just have to live with it.

Bumbo loving..

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