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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

looks like a laptop..

Autobots. Transform and roll out. You will definitely have a tendency to say that when ur using the transformer. design wise it just works. in its netbook form it is indistinguishable from a normal laptop, well apart from the touchscreen that is. the transformer screams premium, something ASUS is slowly getting to grips with. having used an eee pc for the last two years, the eee pad can be described as a much more sexy looking long lost cousin. detaching it from the keyboard dock never fails to draw amazed looks from onlookers.

its a clever idea that just works.

old ipad vs new transformer.. 

stacking the two on top of each other..

comparing the dimensions with my old ipad, the transformer is thinner vertically but much wider horizontally. the two tablets weigh roughly the same in hand but i think i prefer the ipad. well maybe its because i have been using the ipad for a while. the slim widescreened form factor may need some getting used to.

out of the box - the transformer comes in 2 options. with and without the keyboard dock. i say get the keyboard dock just because of the extra battery life it brings and also the added connectivity option. with the keyboard dock u get the tablet, dock, and usb cable cum charger.

hardware - the transformer comes with 16GB of built in storage. u have a micro sd slot on the tablet itself, an sd card and two USB slots on the dock. there's a 5MP camera on the back and a 1.2MP camera in front for video conferencing. it is powered by Nvidia Tegra2 SOC and comes with 1GB of RAM. u also have a mini HDMI port to connect the tablet to any supporting external displays. u can read more on the technical specs at ASUS website.

10 inches not enough..

mini hdmi cable came in handy..

operating system - the transformer is running android honeycomb version 3.1. the difference between honeycomb and gingerbread is fairly obvious but u would expect the two to merge once ice cream sandwhich pops up by end of the year. in any case, what this means is some of the core google apps are optimized for tablets and u can see from the email, calendar, youtube and other apps how this is to your advantage. for those interested, it is fairly easy to root the transformer, the instructions to which can easily be googled up. ASUS also customized the launcher on the transformer. i can't really tell having not use a stock honeycomb device before but overall the experience is okay. 5 home screen for u to put ur widgets and app shortcuts. u can probably customize it to ur own liking however way you want.

software - ASUS has bundled together some apps on the transformer. there's mylibrary for ebooks and stuff, myNet for DNLA playing thingamabobs, myCloud for your cloud based storage options, a file manager and a pc sync software. on top of that u have access to all the compatible apps available in the market. one weakness of the current market is its not segregated into fully tablet compatible apps and phone apps. unlike apple's appstore. you just have to try them all out la kan.

next i will be looking up real life user experience and what not.

in the meantime here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

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