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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

looks like a laptop..
Autobots. Transform and roll out. You will definitely have a tendency to say that when ur using the transformer. design wise it just works. in its netbook form it is indistinguishable from a normal laptop, well apart from the touchscreen that is. the transformer screams premium, something ASUS is slowly getting to grips with. having used an eee pc for the last two years, the eee pad can be described as a much more sexy looking long lost cousin. detaching it from the keyboard dock never fails to draw amazed looks from onlookers.

its a clever idea that just works.

old ipad vs new transformer.. 
stacking the two on top of each other..
comparing the dimensions with my old ipad, the transformer is thinner vertically but much wider horizontally. the two tablets weigh roughly the same in hand but i think i prefer the ipad. well maybe its because i have been using the ipad for a while. the slim widescreened form factor may need some getting used to.

out of the box - the tr…