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The thinking baby..

JR. Yep. That would be the baby's handle on the blog. The sister is lil jj. The abang is tbm. JR is very methodological in his approach. He's a baby, but I can sense a method to his machinations. Hehe. He's very strong. Kicks out when I wanna change him and always manages to escape his swaddle prison easily and regularly. Hehe I'm probably thinking too much.

Welcome home..

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Mentaliti subsidi..

I find the statement 'rakyat dimanjakan subsidi' totally misleading. I mean subsidies are there as a tool for the government to plan their expenditure, whether you or not to spare the people from the harsh realities of market forces or to force the people to accept that hey prices are high so suck it up and just deal with it. Things is if the powers that be feels that open market forces should dictate prices, why is it that in some sectors they are still imposing controls and restraints effectively distorting market prices. It's all about the choices that the people in power make. Reduce subsidies, spend billions on other stuff. What is the intent? The reality of it is sometimes u can't help but feel a certain disconnectivity with the decision makers and who they are supposed to represent. And their half arsed attempts to portray that they are actually thinking of the welfare of the people in everything that they do. I find it derisory, risible and outright insulting.

Waiting game..

Sometimes all you do is wait. You wait for that big promotion, you wait for the guy to propose, you wait for the girl to say yes, you wait for the sun to shine and for the morning to bring with it the hope of a new day. Waiting is only fun when there's actually something worth waiting for. The value of which will only presents itself much later in the future. Do you stick around to find out? Or do u pack ur shit and move on to wait for something else?

Kids these days..

This game tests a child's recognition of sounds and the objects that make them.Lil JJ has gotten bored of it and now has devised a sure fire way to get the right answer. Just pick all three options at the same time.Sent from my Windows Phone

may the fourth be with u..

that's a fairly lame blog title.


in other news we are in the crucial month of may and arsenal are no longer in the title race. or are they? mathematically, if chelsea beats man u. and both them and man u end up drawing or losing their last two games, whilst at the same time arsenal win their remaining game, i know i know its a stretch. ah well for all we know man u will go ahead and win against chelsea and consign arsenals already dwindling hopes into the dustbin.


oh osama kicked the bucket. took a bullet in his left eye, exploding his skull. americans rejoiced as if it was their independence day. can't blame them. osama was the go to guy to blame for all their woes. if they could have blamed him the budget deficit, the deepwater horizon incident and the recent hurricanes then they probably would. heck i'm not sure if he's already been blamed for that.

no official pics have been released. there were a few leaks. i saw one which looked credible but hey i can…


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