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Much ado about everything..

I have purposely disconnected myself from all the depressing news on the quake and tsunami ridden Japan. But with twitter u can never really truly disconnect yourself right. There was a tsunami alert being called off. Nuclear reactors exploding on top of that like they could use some more problems, a volcano decided to erupt. That’s like a buy one get two free with a disaster like an earthquake.

Still, our thoughts are with the brave people of Japan. That’s the least that we can do.

In other news, Dato LCW exorcised his personal demon by beating Lin Dan in the All England finals. Stayed up to watch the first set before the senorita noticed the TV was watching me and told me to go to bed. Its a good moral win for Chong Wei la I guess. His face was a bit subdued but that maybe was just his poker face la kot. In the end it was a straight sets win and Malaysia rejoiced. Same can’t be said about the doubles. Was following it on twitter, it looked like we were winning at one point, but we fluffed it and lost. Whatcha gonna do about it eh.

Lil jj woke up with a bit of a temperature this morning. That usually means one of either me or the senorita would have to take leave. Went to the clinic there was an inflammation of her tonsil. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and ur fever meds. Lil jj is now heftier than a sack of 12kg potatos. Imagine carrying a sack of potatos with one hand and that’s what u get if u were to carry lil jj around. Nope I’m not complaining. Its good that lil jj is growing up healthy albeit all demamed up every now and then.

I think she takes after me. Every couple of months I would get some form of sickness. Be it acute pharyngitis, cough and cold, flu. Fever. And I think the last one was the nastiest. Yeah when my throat was all hey I’m all fucked up G. The senorita however is very consistent. In fact TBM also shares the same trait. They rarely get sick. Antibody lagi kuat kot? Or is it because of the healthier genes?

When it comes to genes ni its always a gamble. I mean when to people marry, does anyone actually go and do a full gene screening kinda thing? Detecting rare genetic defects or any disease or some shit like that. Like if u find out that both of yous are carriers of some strange form of genetic disease would u still get married? We have HIV tests as a prerequisite for marriage here in Malaysia. Say u find out that ur partner is positive. What then? I know there’s a morality issue involved. Did he get it because of his wayward lifestyle or is he an innocent victim of some medical error?

Would your feelings change if u detected it before u guys get married?

And what about your kids. If somehow it turns out they are born less perfect, would you love them less? Taking things into extreme there are cases where after a certain period into a pregnancy if scans are showing some form of defect, the doctor would advise on termination. Can we actually make that conscious decision to end the pregnancy in order to prevent from more pain in the future? Who’s pain? The child? Your own?

I’m just rambling a bit here. In the end in preparing yourself for marriage you try to prepare for everything but most often than not you can’t prepare yourself for EVERYTHING. It’s a gamble that you take. You throw the dice and hope for the best.

Entah ler..

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