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F1 season is upon us ..

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Going home..

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HTC Mozart Review - Windows Phone 7

I think I'm gonna break this review into two parts. First touching on the operating system side of things and the other on the general hardware of the phone. I've been using android more recently and before that I've used symbian. Windows phone 7 presents an opportunity to get to know a new OS, like what I experienced with android. So how does the OS fare?

live tiles..
Now if someone is used to iOS or android and to a certain extent symbian, the windows phone 7 UI marks a totally new reinterpretation of how a mobile OS should look like. The main component of the start screen are the live tiles. This is where snippets of information are shown, kinda like strip down widgets of sorts. WP7 organizes itself into hubs, with the user having easy access to the information they require by browsing the People, Picture, Music and Videos and the Office Hubs. It's pretty self explanatory.

By default, WP7 requires that u have a windows live ID. Lucky my first email address wa…


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First impressions..

HTC Mozart
So I made the switch to windows after giving up on the random reboots I experienced on my xperia x10 eclair device. I considered going to blackberry. Really I did. Contemplated getting the bold 3. But the underwhelming tech specs just killed it for me. The senorita wanted me to get a torch. She swears by it and I think its a wonderfully crafted device. But again its essentially the same baseline spec as the bold 3 apart from the screen. So, I gave bb a pass for now.

The first windows phone that I thought was cool was the LG optimus 7. But being a sucker for a good camera I opted for the HTC Mozart.

eye-catching design..
Its a beautifully crafted device. Carved out of a solid aluminum block. Which is somewhat of a thing with HTC these days. Starting from the legend.

My first impression is I like how smooth everything seems to be. I guess that's just the thing with the UI. Setting up your accounts is a breeze. Well apart from the exchange account. Had to get my IT  guy t…


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After a long day..


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Much ado about everything..

I have purposely disconnected myself from all the depressing news on the quake and tsunami ridden Japan. But with twitter u can never really truly disconnect yourself right. There was a tsunami alert being called off. Nuclear reactors exploding on top of that like they could use some more problems, a volcano decided to erupt. That’s like a buy one get two free with a disaster like an earthquake. Still, our thoughts are with the brave people of Japan. That’s the least that we can do. In other news, Dato LCW exorcised his personal demon by beating Lin Dan in the All England finals. Stayed up to watch the first set before the senorita noticed the TV was watching me and told me to go to bed. Its a good moral win for Chong Wei la I guess. His face was a bit subdued but that maybe was just his poker face la kot. In the end it was a straight sets win and Malaysia rejoiced. Same can’t be said about the doubles. Was following it on twitter, it looked like we were winning at one point, but w…

Focus people.. Focus..

My Sunday morning was interrupted by the sudden realization that I missed the FA Cup match between Man U and Arsenal. A quick check and I found out we lost 0-2. Can’t really say much on that since I didn’t watch the game. The possession stats says we controlled the game but then the only stats that mattered is the score line. On top of that we managed to lose our last decent centerback for the rest of the season. Yeay. Goalkeeping problems were not enough for us we have to have other problems as well.

On top of that Malaysian twitterverse was abuzz with the whole cartoon ultraman incident. Everyone weighing in with their opinions. The general consensus is that it is of poor taste and the timing sucks. And there was even calls for the PM to apologize to the Japanese and even calling for the sacking of the editor and cartoonist. An online petition was promptly organized and the news even was reported in the CNN user generated ireport section. I’m sure its obviously updated by our own z…

cute tak cute..


Pubic comments..

Only pubic comment?

cheeky monkeh..

2 dropped points, and the opportunity to close the gap between us and united gone down the drain. but there are 10 games to go and united still has to play liverpool and come to the emirates. we can't afford anymore cock ups though. win all 10 games and we'll win the league.simple right? easier said than done u say? well if we keep playing our game we can stay in control of our other news, lil jj is sporting a new do. her haircut costs more than me. hehe. that's not right. but hey she now looks more cheeky than ever. always adding more cheeky tricks in her cheeky arsenal. kalau dah ada adik nanti agaknye maintain cheeky lagi ke tak? heh.

Coloring time..

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My throat looks like i'm a 50 year old chain smoker.

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