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You lose some you lose some more?

Arsenal lost to birmingham the other day in the carling cup final. We had some chances, their keeper made some excellent saves and in the end it was a massive fuckup between koscielny and the keeper that presented martins the chance to win the final with just 2 minutes of normal time to go.

Tough luck. In any other occasion i would say its just the carling cup. The mickey mouse of cups. But having won nothing in the last how many years, a win this time would have done a lot for the confidence of the team. But alas twas not meant to be.

But we're still in 3 other competions though. Potentially more heartbreak in the cards? I hope not. Was it last season or the season before last when we were in 4 competitions, lost 1 and promptly dropped out of the remaining others.

Hopefully the team has learnt from the past and will do better this time. Go the gunners!!!

Child labour..

Nak pergi 7 eleven.

Learning new tricks..

Lil jj has learnt some new tricks whilst recovering from her fever. If I am holding her and she wants the senorita to come and pick her up, she would like cough as if something is stuck in the middle of her throat. Akhe. Akhe. Akhe. You can imagine how that sounds like la kan. All teary eyed and still coughing. Once the senorita picks her up, terus miraculously okay. No more cough. No more teary eyes. Drama.

Learn to spell..

Download now or watch on posterous 19022011001.mp4(2186 KB)
Getting lil jj started on the essential things..

Food for thought..

Its always good that celebrities set a good example in issues like the environment and shit. Its good that they take the time to drive to the nearest recyling center in their gas guzzling suvs to drop off some beer cans from last night's after party.


Apabila kepenatan melanda.

wash face?

Download now or watch on posterous jada_wash_face.mp4(18585 KB)
jada "washing" her face with water from the koi pond.

Old gadgets..

Okay it seems that the bluetooth keyboard that I got the senorita for her birthday to be used with her then phone the nokia n86 works like a charm with my xperia x10 phone. That's just brilliant innit?Well there are some quirks to it but its amazing that a dated device still works relatively well today how many years later.That brings me to this question. How many of our seemingly outdated gadgets are still usable and relevent today?Well for starters, let's list down what gadgets that's still lying around the house. There's the senorita's olympus digital camera. All 4 megapixels of it. Was quite medium to high end at the time. I think its still functioning, but when most phones ur using right now have better cameras, u tend not to bother with it anymore.I have my palm tungsten t5. It was quite useful at the time. I used it for everything to keep my life organized. I was using a dumbphone at the time coz I preferred to keep my gagdget separate. Got me a wireless sd …

sometimes u just don't want to give a fuck..

this dude tengah meroyan dalam fb sebab frust dengan pompuan. berdendam dengan all women and the one thing he can think off to spite them is to become gay. that and being a right old bitch to anyone showing concern on his wall. brilliant. do i run intervention? or do i just click unfriend? for me it has become easier to just ignore all this drama. yes u got hurt. yes u felt betrayed. but lashing out at people and being and ass about it will not get you anywhere. sure, u feel good in the short run. and by good i mean u feel a bit satisfied coz u got to piss people off and bring them down along with you. but to what end?  i want to say that the hurt will go away but the truth is it never goes away completely. your life will forever be changed by the hurt and it will shape u into whatever person that u will become. the challenge is in mastering your emotions and channeling that hurt into something positive. all that anger and distrust is counterproductive to your own proper rehabilitation. enta…

Footie update..

Arsenal threw a 4 goal lead away at newcastle. On the bright side, man u rode their luck and failed to get anything at wolves. So the gap is narrowed to just 4 points and man u still have to play chelsea twice, come to the emirates and their derby match against the blue half of manchester.You would bet that there is a high probability of them dropping points again right? Torres is set to start against liverpool. That's one to watch. Chelsea has reverted to their buying ways. A sign that they perceived their rivals have gotten better? Well, it worked for them before. Lets hope that it would be a good game for the neutrals.