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Teenage angst has paid off well, now I'm bored and old..

I sign up for a tumblr account recently. I know I know, I'm not even actively blogging anymore so what makes tumblr any different that I would be updating more often. Well I don't know. What I do know is tumblr has an app for my android phone and it's pretty convenient to be updating stuff right from the palm of ur hands. Not like u can't do it with blogging right. In a sense, it's just another platform for people to share stuff. Like Twitter, facebook, and what other social media platform that's available.

The keyword nowadays is social media. It's all about making it more and more convenient for you to sorta be active socially. The irony of it all is with all this convenience, we're definitely going to lose that personal human touch in our daily interactions.

I guess this has it's roots in the advancement of mobile communications. U use to meet people face to face if u have something to say. Then u just call them on the phone, then it was SMS, emails and what not. Nowadays it's all IMs and direct messaging on Twitter or even just writing on their fb wall. This has been covered by a lot of people. Doomsayers are foretelling and age of minimal human contact but maximum social exposure. How would this affect the future generation? Fuck me if I know the answer. I guess as parents we just have to prepare them for it as best as we can.

The señorita has that covered of sorts. She pretty much registered lil jj's online presence from email to websites and what have you. Pretty advance like that. When lil jj grows up we can just give her that email account with her name and that blog address with her name. Hopefully she would have some use for it la kan?

Tbm (more appropriate pseudonym to tlm) is also growing up right before our eyes. He has become more of a young adult struggling to grow up faster than he should. Whilst I do try to treat him as an adult, I have to remember that he still is a kid at heart. This is where a lot of patience and understanding must come in. U do wonder if ur kids are facing the same things u went through growing up. Would we as a parent do things differently now with hindsight? Or do we impose the same stuff that was imposed upon us? Very iffy this topic. U may argue that how u turn up now is a direct result of how u were brought up but then again, a lot of other factors are in play.

Ur interactions with ur friends, and the environment plays a big part in shaping u. I just hope that when push comes to shove, I'll be able to guide and give some fatherly advice to tbm when he needs it.

So back to the whole tumblr bit, if and when u guys see that this blog is still showing some old crap, u may wanna try and look for me here at Not that there's anything spectacularly interesting there at the moment la kan, but since it would be easier to share photos, links, text, and a whole other stuff, the possibility of it having more updates is significant.

On to footie, the gunners vs the black cats over the weekend ended with a draw. Cesc fabregas injured himself whilst scoring a flukey goal and darren bent scored well into the fifth minute of a four minute extra time added on. It was not that pretty watching for arsenal fans, with sunderland looking more eager and snappier in attack. But we did show some great defensive play and had that chance to win the game with the penalty that rosicky missed. Maybe luck wasn't on our side.

Song got himself sent off with a second yellow. Whilst historically the gunners have accumulated a fair number of red cards, more recent ones are fairly soft reds. Koscielny at liverpool is a case in point. I think if u were to be sent off for a red, might as well make it count eh. Not that I'm advocating rough and dirty play, but it would be more satisfying to the fans if u were sent off for knocking the stuffing out of John Terry rather than a second yellow for dissent.

Still the season has just begun, berbatov singlehandedly made himself the scourge of merseyside (well the red half of it anyways) by scoring a hat trick against liverpool and chelsea continued to bang the goals in with the win against blackpool. Chelsea have had an easy fixture so far but that's a bout to change when we meet them in a couple of weeks time. Before that, there's the matter of the carling cup match against the spuds and a weekend fixture against west brom. Oh and maybe a champions league fixture there and there about. Talk about congestion eh? But that's why the managers and players are paid the big bucks while u and me, we're just watching them on telly and write about them in our blogs eh.

What else? Oh talk about awkward, a friend of mine asked me why I didn't come to another friend's open house. I said I wasn't invited. She asked sure ke? Yeah I said if I was invited for sure I would come since I came last year what. Some people would just come even if they weren't invited. It's raya what. Time to visit and stuff, but I guess it would have helped la kan if u knew something was happening init? Hehe. Well no harm done, turns out we all had another event which ya'll weren't invited to anyways. Hehe.

I'm spent.

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