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tell me something no one knows..

i once had this crush on this girl. she was singer and the few times that i saw her sing on tv, it felt as if she was just singing for me. of course it was just me la kan. not that i actually said anything to her. the few times that we got to chat pun i was under the impression that she was already seeing someone. no harm pun right? well this one time i was reading an interview she did with some magazine in which she said that she was single and she was not seeing anyone.

i was like hmm. i guess being a budding artiste it would paramount to committing career suicide la if u were to be open about ur relationships and what not. it got me thinking. maybe people are not inherently honest after all. people can share things with u which to you feel so personal and special, only to find out that they tell that to everyone who care to listen.

pretty much like a blogger at times eh? i think falling in love with a blogger must've equally sucked. wait a minute. i is a blogger? oh and the sen…

Teenage angst has paid off well, now I'm bored and old..

I sign up for a tumblr account recently. I know I know, I'm not even actively blogging anymore so what makes tumblr any different that I would be updating more often. Well I don't know. What I do know is tumblr has an app for my android phone and it's pretty convenient to be updating stuff right from the palm of ur hands. Not like u can't do it with blogging right. In a sense, it's just another platform for people to share stuff. Like Twitter, facebook, and what other social media platform that's available.The keyword nowadays is social media. It's all about making it more and more convenient for you to sorta be active socially. The irony of it all is with all this convenience, we're definitely going to lose that personal human touch in our daily interactions. I guess this has it's roots in the advancement of mobile communications. U use to meet people face to face if u have something to say. Then u just call them on the phone, then it was SMS, emai…

jeng.. jeng jeng.. jeng.. jeng jeng - csi theme song..

the decision to take extra leave to complement raya and malaysia day was spot on. i was rewarded with extensive diaper duties by lil jj. okay la kan, give the senorita a rest from pooh. the extra cuti also is kinda good for recharging batteries. work and what not kinda takes a toll on ya after a while.

whilst the rest of malaysia were in celebratory mode for raya and hari malaysia, the police had their hands full monitoring the traffic and also investigating the gruesome murders that rocked the nation. rocked might be a bit much. but when was the last time we were rocked with any news?

the thing that i'm surprised the most is the level of detail that the media are reporting on the case. interviews with victims of related cases. speculations and what not. would that not affect the investigation? credit must be given to the cops for unravelling the mystery quite promptly. kalah csi. dah la have to work during holidays. must also endure speculation from the public on how come all the…

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin..

Pesanan hari raya ini dibawa oleh, tlm, lil jj, senorita dan acat.
Stay safe, speed kills..

it ended before it truly began..

so lil jj is having a kick out of playing monkey preschool lunchbox. this app i downloaded from the app store. occasionally if i feel that an app is really worth it, i'd just buy it. 99 cents is chump change. but most of the time there are ways to get ur hands on the apps in ways legal or otherwise.

so we're in the final stretch, only a few days left till raya. the next couple of days at the office will definitely be a joy. not. funny how as we get older the anticipation of raya is not like when we're kids. maybe because when ur older ur at the opposite end of the whole duit raya scheme spectrum.

i found out that a friend of mine just split up from his long time girlfriend. i seriously thought that the girl would have made an honest man out of the dude, but alas twas not meant to be. dunno la what was the reason. maybe it was family, but if it was someone u just brought to introduce to your parents then it's understandable la. but when ur already in a long term relati…