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today we celebrate our independence day..

such a dramatic line from a major blockbuster movie. the line the president said before leading a bunch of rag tag patched up fighter pilots on a suicide mission against a seemingly insurmountable alien horde.

we all know what happen after right. despite the odds. mankind prevailed. and the aliens got their collective asses whooped.

mankind prevailed. because they shared a common enemy. they shared a common goal and that is survival. it takes something as drastic as that for man to be united and work together to defeat them pesky aliens.

but if the circumstances were different..

how difficult would it be to achieve unity.

unity. such simple word but such a strong underlying concept. what does it mean to be united?

the answer is easy. the answer is always is. but the willingness to achieve that which the answer requires might not be so easy.

something's gotta give though. will we be around to find out tho?

entah la.

Blogging is dead, long live twitter..

Before the explosion of twitter, blogs were definitely the medium of choice for shameless self expression. I'm sure u probably come across a bunch of blogs where the main topic is the writer's life and how they are like the center of the universe. How their life either sucks or is da bomb. How they have important jobs and how they jet set and travel the world. How the office would just cease to function if they were to go on leave.

How this colleague was clueless, and that boss was a fat bitch. And how the rest of the world was simply jealous of their famousity.

All those blog have similar motive and probably something in common. The common purpose of making the writer feel good about themself and in a way justify their own existence. Yeah i'm generalizing a lot here.

Nowadays, the advent of twitter and other similar micro blogging/social media tools have made it more and more easy for people to blurt out random thoughts and statements with the clear intent of making the…