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wash rinse repeat..

you know ur consciously neglecting your blog when u have a lot to write about but you just can't be arsed to. its a bit sad when u meet people and they say eh lama tak baca ur blog only to tell them well u ain't missing much coz i don't write that much anyways. it goes back to the whole why ur writing in the first place la kan.

writing as a form of self expression. writing to vent out ur frustration. writing to tell the world what's going on with ur life. or just writing coz u feel like it. i was never prolific in my writing anyways. the only topic that can make write copiously was relationships and to write about that now would endanger myself of revealing personal shit thats probably be best left unwritten.

it feels cyclical in a way. after long periods of not writing a blogger always manage to come to this point in his blogging life where he questions his desire to blog. and even this has been raised quite a few times before. well one can just stop right? or try and reinvent himself? but why bother when surely after a certain period of time u just find urself at the same point and u start to question again and again and again.

wash rinse repeat.

maybe this phase will pass. or maybe not.

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