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Don't make it too easy..

There was a major disruption on the kelana jaya lrt line yesterday. Got delayed for quite a bit. Told the senorita that i was going to be late because of work, it turns out i was made even more late because of the lrt. Dude, i love u and all but sometimes u just like to have delays at the most inoppurtunate moments. Is that even a word? Entah.Anyways, whilst i was waiting for the train, i asked this chatty mak cik what was going on. She explained quite laboriously on how the trains were delayed, how u need to change trains at kampung baru and change again at pasar seni. How u need to keep ur ears open for the onboard announcements coz trains were not going the full trip but rather a taxi'ing service was scheduled for kampung baru to pasar seni.What the fuck. As i'm writing this, the train is stalled for yet another unscheduled delay. WHAT THE FUCK.But that's public transport for ya. Or rather that's Malaysian public transport for ya. Because there's only one servic…

This drink is complementary..

Some people are lucky to find a partner who complements them directly. A picky eater and someone who eats anything. Someone who's always lost with someone who always know where they're going. A planner and someone who is always available. I could go on but u get the idea.

U tend to find out how compatible u are the more time u spend with each other la kan. Or u realise ur not that compatible after all. But is there such a thing where two people who enters a relationship gives up on it midway because they're just not compatible? I mean isn't compatibility just another measure of how much u need to compromise in order for u to make things work?

Its all about finding that individual comfort level of compromise and tolerance. Two similar personalities might not have it easy compared to two different personalities. In cases where u have two strong individuals used to having things their own way, it would be more difficult for either of them to back down. Whereas if one is a…

sharing is caring..

i was watching house the other day. the episode where 'dr sara tancredi' fresh after losing michael scofield in prison break was having some medical problems. fuck if i can be bothered to cite what it was la kan. the interesting bit to note was that the patient was in an open marriage. whats that? is it like open university? well it seems that in an open marriage u get to be married to one partner but then u can sleep with whomever u want. taub thought the idea was cool and told his wife. he had a history of cheating on her. with the whole concept of open marriage, at least he won't have to lie.

the wife was hesitant but then after contemplating for a bit she reluctantly agreed. but as u would expect, at the last minute she changed her mind.

the episode ended with taub following the girl to her car after they kissed and she asked him if he wanted to go somewhere.

of course the story has its twists and turns of sorts but the whole idea of open marriage ni got me thinking.…

in thought but not in place..

the weekend are for chilling out. but sometimes u have to put that plan on the shelf because u live in the real world and in the real world u have to go out and meet people and socialize and shit like that. sometimes u wonder if people can be content with someone's presence not physically but virtually. the whole being there in spirit, the thought that counts and the rest of the cliche/excuses that u give when u can't make it to a certain engagement or event.

rather, would it be possible to entertain the idea where u don't need someone to be there for an event to be memorable, or for the event to be worthwhile?

can we be satisfied if someone calls/writes/blogs and tells u that they love u? but never really physically show it? can u live with that?

entah ler..

wash rinse repeat..

you know ur consciously neglecting your blog when u have a lot to write about but you just can't be arsed to. its a bit sad when u meet people and they say eh lama tak baca ur blog only to tell them well u ain't missing much coz i don't write that much anyways. it goes back to the whole why ur writing in the first place la kan.

writing as a form of self expression. writing to vent out ur frustration. writing to tell the world what's going on with ur life. or just writing coz u feel like it. i was never prolific in my writing anyways. the only topic that can make write copiously was relationships and to write about that now would endanger myself of revealing personal shit thats probably be best left unwritten.

it feels cyclical in a way. after long periods of not writing a blogger always manage to come to this point in his blogging life where he questions his desire to blog. and even this has been raised quite a few times before. well one can just stop right? or try and …


so the world cup ended. holland didn't win. boo hoo. they'll have another shot in euro 2012 and the 2014 world cup in brazil. i think. the finals wasn't pretty. it seemed like spain were the ones intent on playing flowing beautiful footie. it took a single goal by andres iniesta after a brilliant pass from one cesc fabregas to close the curtain on the orange dream. ah well.

bring on the epl.