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panas panas panas..

Sometimes u wonder if all the beautiful/handsome/hot people go through the same shit that we go thru. Yes I know they do but to a certain extent u do wonder if it is the same degree. For example if u get dumped by someone, would it matter if ur smokin hot or fookin ugly? I know I know there's the whole beauty is in the eye of the beholder bs but u just wonder la kan.

Being hot does not necessarily guarantee that u won't get dumped. For hotness is a scale that is easily surpassed. Yes u are hot now. But 20 yrs down the line? U may not be so hot. Or there are others hotter than u. Granted being hot would give u options. I mean, if a guy dumps u and ur hot, I'm sure it would be easy for u find a replacement. "kalau muka macam di sana tu sekali di sini petik sepuluh yang datang tau". But surely it would dent ur confidence a bit la kan.

Being hot does not guarantee ur partners to be faithful too. I know some very hot ladies whose partners still cheat irrespective of them being hot. Dun have examples of girls cheating on their hot men. Hehe kalau yang hot pun kena buat macam tu, ape tah lagi kami yang tak so hot ni? Hehe. We're screwed eh?

Tah la. Being hot has it advantages but not all is as rosy as it seems. Some supposedly hot people never ever get to find true love. Some go through partners forever. Nak kesian. But then ur hot how come u can't find someone?

Ke sebab their hot they also want hot partners gitu? Hehe. Susah aa like that. Kalau hot nak yang hot jugak. Habis kalau tak hot? Buleh ke berangan untuk dapat someone yang hot?

The answer is BULEH. Kena aim high. If ur not hot, u must la compensate with other stuff. Hehe. Mana aa tau. U might get lucky. If ur funny for starters. Or if u can cook ke. Or if ur a good listener ke. Or if u have a big… heart ke. Hehe those are not tied to any hotness meter. So there is hope eh.

Sometimes being hot also is like a curse. Orang nak approach pun segan sebab ur hot la kan, apa la hot guy like u would want with a hot girl like me. Eh that doesn't sound right. In my single days dulu, I tend to gravitate towards the hot ones la. Yeah I'm a guy and I'm superficial like that. Don’t get me wrong I'm friends with whomever yang wanna be friends. Thing is the ones I ended going out with are always the hotter ones. Well probably kena letak disclaimer la kot. Coz the definition of hot ni very subjective. Plus nowadays u tend to assign "hot" to different parts of the body some more. Hot butt. Hot … er butt. Well in my case hot can be interpreted as pretty kot. Er senorita kira exception la kot sebab dia the hottest of all. Seriyes. I'm digressing.

Sometimes ur hotness becomes a barrier for people to approach u. So in the end ur approached by all these people yang also hot jugak. And bila dua dua hot habis aa terbakar eh dok? Hehe maybe there is truth in the whole u need to find a balance in life kinda thing tu. U can't have too much of a good thing oso. Macam minum air masak. Its good for u but kalau minum 80 gelen on one sitting tu mau pecah kot perut.

Ape-ape je laa eh.

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