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panas panas panas..

Sometimes u wonder if all the beautiful/handsome/hot people go through the same shit that we go thru. Yes I know they do but to a certain extent u do wonder if it is the same degree. For example if u get dumped by someone, would it matter if ur smokin hot or fookin ugly? I know I know there's the whole beauty is in the eye of the beholder bs but u just wonder la kan.

Being hot does not necessarily guarantee that u won't get dumped. For hotness is a scale that is easily surpassed. Yes u are hot now. But 20 yrs down the line? U may not be so hot. Or there are others hotter than u. Granted being hot would give u options. I mean, if a guy dumps u and ur hot, I'm sure it would be easy for u find a replacement. "kalau muka macam di sana tu sekali di sini petik sepuluh yang datang tau". But surely it would dent ur confidence a bit la kan.

Being hot does not guarantee ur partners to be faithful too. I know some very hot ladies whose partners still cheat irrespective of th…