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mixed bag of nothings..

i have a funny feeling that lee dewyze will win american idol. but i'm sure america will probably prove me wrong and kick him out next week. leaving casey james a clear shot at a one miss bowersox. and we probably can guess la who would win that shoot out. yesterday whilst watching the show, they were having the thomas cup on the other channel. i wonder how many were watching the idols and not the thomas cup. malaysia is in the semi's after dispatching denmark 3-2. china awaits on what potentially could be a replay of 92. where we beat them on the way to winning the thomas cup. something to look forward to maybe? i really wanna get my hopes up. i do. sigh.

lil jj has been surprising everyone with adding more and more to her growing vocab. she's been going through the color counting book that we bought her the other day and the senorita has been teaching her some new words. she could identify cup cakes, horse, pig (pigh), onions amongst others. its amazing how she takes to reading so readily. yes she does have her toys, but she always goes back to her books. there's this basket my boss got as a hamper for raya and we've turned it into lil jj's book trove. every time we tidied up and put all the books away, she would go and pick the books and get me or the senorita to read with her. i even tried to temp her with the ps3. that didn't work. she seem to not be interested that much with the ps3.

we can still distract her with games on my phone and the ds. but her favorites are still those books. hopefully it's something that'll stick with her when she grows older. plus u can get tax rebates when u buy books. we've been buying books as gifts for the past two years. :)

with the footie season over, the championship is heading to stamford bridge. man u kept at it till the final day of the season but it was too little too late. thrashing wigan 8-0, there was no denying that chelsea were the worthy winners. arsenal's season ended with a whimper. going out of the champions league against barca proved to be the start of a downward spiral that saw us drop points, lose against the spuds and eventually dropped out of the title race. when was the last time we tasted glory? 5 years eh. i guess you could pin it down to the untimely injuries and the lack of cover. i was just glad the season is over. now, we can expect a whole bunch of silly transfer rumours for players to be linked with the arsenal. yeah. fun.

at least there's the prospect of the world cup coming up in june. i'll be rooting for the oranje. been supporting them since 98. i just love how the dutch play their game. but i don't fancy rvp turning out for the dutch in some meaningless friendly only to get his ankles mangled from a rash challenge. this year could be very interesting. spain were the favourites but injuries to key players can quickly turn things upside down. england is in there somewhere. the argies, brazilians and don't forget the african representatives.

but enuff about footie. i might do a repeat of 06 where i pasted michael ballack's picture everytime i do a footie entry just to placate the senorita. dunno what la her thing with michael ballack ni. hehe.

speaking of which, the best thing that a guy can hope for to greet him after a hard days work, apart from that lovely smile and giggle of his little girl, or the wise cracking antics of his little boy, the best thing that a guy can hope for would be the sight of his loving wife all spruced up and sexy welcoming him to her arms. :*
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