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the generation gap trap..

I really need to start working on setting short term goals and trying to achieve them. For starters i've talked about wanting to write more but then I always manage to find excuses on not writing. Nothing to it right? U just start typing and see where you'll end up. Been blogging since 2002 and if blogging was my love child he would have been 8 by now. Thats a long time. I've gone through several phases but there's a common pattern of the things I love writing about most. And that ladies and gentlemen is in the field of giving advise. More often than not its unsolicited but hey whatcha gonna do about it. Even the senorita has got her own pseudo agony aunt column going on every thursday. Very interesting read I tell ya. And yes I am biased. Hehe.

Anyways today i'm gonna go and blab about the lifestyle choices of the so called generation y. There are various definitions of what the generation y truly is, but the common understanding has got a lot to do with the high degree of tech that these “kids” and I use the term lightly here have at their disposal. In this day and age of internet connectivity these gen yers are probably the ones who's online 24/7 either on the terminal or on their mobiles. The one's who would probably be more comfortable sending a wedding invite via email or just post an event on facebook. They want things fast and they want it yesterday.

The behavioral attributes of these kids when it comes to joining the workforce supposedly are that they are more impatient, more materialistic and less loyal. In a competitive environment these gen y kids would not hesitate to look for more attractive working opportunities if they feel that they are not sufficiently remunerated wherever they are currently.

All these behavioral attributes to a certain extent have shaped how companies design their remuneration packages to appease these generation yers. More salary been given upfront at the expense of a more comprehensive medical benefits. Coz you know medical benefits are only good if u use it. No need for subsidized housing or car loans. Coz hey they can always stay with their parents or just rent. Its not like they're looking too settle down anytime soon. More reward given to top performers. More promotion opportunities. More this. More that. More more more.

That got me to some thinking. Heck these days i've been doing a lot of that. Hehe should have done more of it back in my uni days but hey whatcha gonna do about it. If these gen yers are all how they are described to be. And all we do is adopt and adapt to their wants and needs, would they be in a position to actually learn anything? I mean if we give them more money and not really care what they would do with it – letting them just live vicariously without any regards to the future or that sorta shit, would we as the elder statesmen be in a way responsible to how fucked up they're live would eventually turn out?

I know I know i'm generalizing. Sticking a label to a generation of people and assume that they would all turn out the same is kinda stewpid and shortsighted. I guess we can only deal with whatever's given to us.

Entah ler.
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