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cv ku cv ku jua..

so i'll be in Singapore for the 2 days for some training. haven't been going for training in over a while dah i think. training is always good. it builds capability and u can spend some time away from the office which is never a bad thing. well unless something happens which requires u to be hands on available in the office la kan. but apart from that training is always good.

on the subject of capability and the need to appear capable to prospective employers or the likes, one must strive to maintain some sort of professionalism in the first approach to any new situation. when it comes to making an impression, the first thing that u need to take good care of is ur cv. now i must admit over the 10 years of my working career i've only managed to update my cv only once. the first time when i did it was for the current employment and i had to update it once i last year when another department wanted to see if they could stick me in some other position somewhere which didn't materialise.

now the senorita on the other hand, she writes great cv's. in fact, if i were to write a new cv, i would probably hire her as my consultant and get her to write my cv. she could probably make a prospective executive cv sound like a potential candidate for an sm position. hehe well i'm exaggerating a bit la, but seriously her cv's are always well written and gets a tick in all the right boxes.

rather than talk about how to write a good cv, i'm just gonna highlight a few cv's do's and don'ts.

if ur sending in a cv, and ur leaving ur email address to be contacted, please i repeat please take the time to at least create an email address that sounds professional. and u can't sound anymore professional than by using ur real name. rather than using, or, create la another email address for professional purposes., etc blah di blah. the person looking at ur cv might just throw urs away because of the email address. they won't even bother to move to the next bit where it says that u have a first class honors degree in nuclear physics.

be selective in what u want the company to know about you. no i'm not suggesting u lie. no that would be wrong and u would be caught sooner or later somehow. its more a long the lines of leaving some stuff out. if u spent a weekend becoming a pool boy at some island resort, that info would be relevant if ur applying for the head cabana boy position but it would be less relevant if ur applying for an executive position in a serious fortune 500 corporation. i spent 2 weeks picking tomatos back in uni, and nope i did not mention that in my cv because i doubt it would have any first impression impact. however, those kinda details might be useful if they ever call u up for an interview. something to mention if the topic of tomato picking ever crops up? maybe? hehe.

be concise in ur writing but try to avoid bullet points. a well written cv tells a lot about the character of the writer. hehe unless of course some one else wrote ur cv and u come to the interview looking and sounding less like ur impressive cv la kan. i guess this also depends on the type of work and the position that ur applying for. its a turn off for me personally when i read a cv that is poorly written, coz as they say (i'm making this up la kan) a cv is like foreplay, u get ur prospective employer all excited before they even meet u. if u play ur cards right, they'll only have their eyes set on u. hehe.

lastly, a cv should be formal. it should not read like ur facebook profile nor should it read like the want ads in urtv or mangga. don't write there that ur a good looking lad who's up for a bit of a laugh and a tickle. hehe i'm sure someone somewhere actually did write that in his cv. hehe maybe he wasn't that serious in getting the job kot.

anyways, i do appreciate the challenge all u employment seekers out there is facing. it is a competitive environment out there. and u need all the edge u can get. do take the effort to do ur homework and learn about the company ur applying to. kalau ade rezeki tu ade ye dok.

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