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control. its all about control.

Life is funny in more ways than u can imagine. For starters, no amount of careful planning can ever guarantee you that things will turn out the way you planned. Curve balls are applenty and sometimes taking a wild swing at it may be the only choice that u got. But the best thing about life is, well apart from the fact that without it we would be dead la kan, is that no matter how out of control things seem, you still have some say or some influence over the whole outcome.

The senorita made some personal breakthrus the other day. She has embarked on her own personal fitness cum health journeys in order to make her feel good about herself. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the senorita has design her own fitness routine which involves her going for a swim for an hour every other night. Swimming does have its advantages kan? One more advantage but more for me la kan is how the senorita gets a little bit more frisky after a swim which equates to ahem potentially more exercise for me. Yeay. Definite win win situation aint it? We all need to take good care of ourselves pun right. Exercise is the key to a more healthy lifestyle, and sex is the key to a more healthy marriage.

I for one will be supporting the senorita by taking care of lil jj la kan. Lil jj and her quirks. She has this fascination over the EEEPC screensaver that came with this netbook. She could get all excited with the song and also the visual. Gambar pantai and deruan ombak. Hmm I don't think we've ever brought lil jj on a day out to the beach. Swimming pool tu selalu la kan but not the beach. Must try to slot in la some time some where. I'm sure she'd be ecstatic. Dunno if she'd fancy the tan much tho. But budak mana yang tak suka the beach right?

Even tlm would love the beach. Tlm is a big boy now. He had his thirteenth birthday on the other day. We went out for a birthday lunch at our favourite birthday celebratin place. Bought him a cool G-Shock watch as a birthday present. I remembered my first G-Shock watch. I believe I got it as a present from my arwah sister. Yeah that's right. Kak ima was a big fan of G-Shock watches. I think she had a Baby-G in pink. I do miss her. She would always tell things straight without pulling any punches. I remembered when I was in form 1 or there and there abouts, she told me to start wearing deodorants because I started to reak of body odour. Heh, my mom would probably say I don't smell that bad pun, but that's what big sisters are for. To remind you of stuff. Things u can improve on, when u done somfink wrong. Those kinda things. Her birthday was on the 17th. Never fails to get me all melancholic thinking about it. I'm digressing.

Anyways back to tlm, I don't really know what's the in thing with teenagers these days. In particular tlm is somewhat still fond of the toys and stuff that u would probably associate with the younger kids. But he said he loved the watch and we also got him some books. Them wimpy kid diaries got him into trouble because he would curik-curik baca whilst he was suppose to be studying for his exams. So kena confiscate la oleh bapak garang. Well at least not until the exams are over. I'm trying to remember how I behaved back when I was a teen. Macam dah ages ago right. The difference between now and then is we didn't have Facebook back then kot. Yep. I think the facebook generation ni lain sket. I know I know we were the ones who allowed him to go on facebook in the first place. I knew of at least one parent who strictly forbids any internet access for his boy. It would probably make things a lot more easier to control.

In my days, nak pass love notes to a girl u would actually need to write the notes and physically pass it on. Nowadays u can just spam it on her wall on fb. There's chat and all other crazy stuff on there. And some of the things are not really suitable for kids or tweens or even teenagers. U can try to control but what's to stop ur kid from creating a secret fb account to hide stuff from u? So ur left with a dilemma of sorts. Impose strict control and risk ur kid revolting behind ur back. Or be lax and run the risk of them run riot online. Entah. I don't fancy these questions where I don't have any definitive answers myself.
So far there's no major incident la. But u need to be careful. The tagline of do you know where ur kids are should be expanded to include do you know where ur kids are online too.

I'm on my day off today. The senorita found a cooking class that she wanted to join and it was a half a day affair. I figured might as well I take leave so that I can take care of the kids while she do her thing. Again whilst the senorita benefits from acquiring some new cooking skills, the rest of us benefit by being able to eat great food all year round. Yeay. Win win situation right? Expect her to do a whole blog entry review whatsits on that soon.

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