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cv ku cv ku jua..

so i'll be in Singapore for the 2 days for some training. haven't been going for training in over a while dah i think. training is always good. it builds capability and u can spend some time away from the office which is never a bad thing. well unless something happens which requires u to be hands on available in the office la kan. but apart from that training is always good.

on the subject of capability and the need to appear capable to prospective employers or the likes, one must strive to maintain some sort of professionalism in the first approach to any new situation. when it comes to making an impression, the first thing that u need to take good care of is ur cv. now i must admit over the 10 years of my working career i've only managed to update my cv only once. the first time when i did it was for the current employment and i had to update it once i last year when another department wanted to see if they could stick me in some other position somewhere which didn't…

Happy anniversary baby..

So it has been 3 years. Cynics call marriage the end of every relationship. I beg to differ. Marriage is just the natural progression or evolution of a relationship. U start from two strangers passing eachother in circumstantial occurrences online, to developing genuine interest to one another. From two people enjoying eachother's company over a cup of coffee to two lovers planning for a future together.
Yep it may not have been a 100% smooth sailing but no matter how rough the voyage is, its always good to know that u can count on eachother to carry on and plough through. Coz you know there's still a long way to go in this ultimately rewarding journey.
Happy anniversary baby.

the generation gap trap..

I really need to start working on setting short term goals and trying to achieve them. For starters i've talked about wanting to write more but then I always manage to find excuses on not writing. Nothing to it right? U just start typing and see where you'll end up. Been blogging since 2002 and if blogging was my love child he would have been 8 by now. Thats a long time. I've gone through several phases but there's a common pattern of the things I love writing about most. And that ladies and gentlemen is in the field of giving advise. More often than not its unsolicited but hey whatcha gonna do about it. Even the senorita has got her own pseudo agony aunt column going on every thursday. Very interesting read I tell ya. And yes I am biased. Hehe.

Anyways today i'm gonna go and blab about the lifestyle choices of the so called generation y. There are various definitions of what the generation y truly is, but the common understanding has got a lot to do with the high …

control. its all about control.

Life is funny in more ways than u can imagine. For starters, no amount of careful planning can ever guarantee you that things will turn out the way you planned. Curve balls are applenty and sometimes taking a wild swing at it may be the only choice that u got. But the best thing about life is, well apart from the fact that without it we would be dead la kan, is that no matter how out of control things seem, you still have some say or some influence over the whole outcome.

The senorita made some personal breakthrus the other day. She has embarked on her own personal fitness cum health journeys in order to make her feel good about herself. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the senorita has design her own fitness routine which involves her going for a swim for an hour every other night. Swimming does have its advantages kan? One more advantage but more for me la kan is how the senorita gets a little bit more frisky after a swim which equates to ahem potentially more exercise for me. Yeay. Definit…

mixed bag of nothings..

i have a funny feeling that lee dewyze will win american idol. but i'm sure america will probably prove me wrong and kick him out next week. leaving casey james a clear shot at a one miss bowersox. and we probably can guess la who would win that shoot out. yesterday whilst watching the show, they were having the thomas cup on the other channel. i wonder how many were watching the idols and not the thomas cup. malaysia is in the semi's after dispatching denmark 3-2. china awaits on what potentially could be a replay of 92. where we beat them on the way to winning the thomas cup. something to look forward to maybe? i really wanna get my hopes up. i do. sigh.

lil jj has been surprising everyone with adding more and more to her growing vocab. she's been going through the color counting book that we bought her the other day and the senorita has been teaching her some new words. she could identify cup cakes, horse, pig (pigh), onions amongst others. its amazing how she takes to r…