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macam zaman dulu-dulu..

so ladies and gentlemen, the duck has finally been broken. after at least 638 days (the senorita had it at more than 2 years), the senorita and i finally had the opportunity to go out on a date. and what more apt way to celebrate the occasion than to go out for a movie on ur date night by watching Date Night.

we had been looking forward to the date since last week. we got atuk and nenek to agree to babysitting and got our tickets online. we chose monday because it'll be less busy. and we chose gsc pavilion because it had the most favorable show times for our requirements.

first there was the matter of me having to go to work first la kan. i would have considered taking leave with arsenal losing 3-2 at wigan and the whole expected heckling from man u loving fans at the office. but we had a big department meeting in the morning so we had to make do la kan. the arrangement was for me to meet the senorita at the pavilion. it was a brisk 20 mins walk from klcc to pavilion. and by the time i got there, the senorita had already gotten the tickets and she was browsing parkson.

i was pleasantly surprised when i saw her. she really took the effort to get all spruced up for our date. hehe it kinda reminds me of our dating days. she always manages to look all great every time we meet. and me being my usual tak siap self la kan. at least this time i was from the office so tak la "selekeh" sangat.

we got our f&b and even got the girl at the counter to take a picture of us before going into the cinema. it was not a packed house as was expected for a monday night. we sat two rows from the back. we've gone waaaay past that phase where u would wanna sit at the back row and make ur own movie bit tu. can't remember if we ever did that pun. hmm? hehe.

anyways, the movie it self was great. well i loved it. there were so many things married folks can relate to and steve carrel and tina fey are both great comedians. there were a number of cameo appearances, girls will dig mark wahlbergs many a topless scene. and guys can root for watching tina fey dancing on a pole. er. not. i'm not gonna even bother with a summary, suffice to say that the senorita and i had a good laugh all through the movie. great fun.

after the movie we just walked around pavilion for a bit. a little bit of window shopping here and there. the whole date night was a very welcome distraction. i guess its good to just spend time just the 2 of u every now and then. not that spending time with the kids is less fun. its like having a full time job and enjoying urself when u have a vacation.

ah well it was fun, here's hoping for more of the same the next time.
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