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the archdemon is dead, long live the grey wardens..

bendtner and his last minute goals eh. the win against wolves means that the gunners kept pressure on the top 2. with chelsea now leading the pack after that 2 - 0 win at old trafford. 3 points behind chelsea. anything can happen still. they've been dropping points all season so its not that of a stretch to think that they might drop some more. but chances aren't looking that great when we lost fabregas for the rest of the season after the barca match. but if we can keep grinding out the results and maintain the pressure on the leaders, who knows eh?

i have been busy slaying darkspawns in the land of ferelden the last couple of weeks. been trying to explain to the senorita on how i needed to make the right decisions as what i do will have an impact on the outcome of the game real life final battle. i have to make the right alliances. choose between vengeance or diplomacy. decide who to help and who to spare. hehe decisions decisions.

after 50 hours of game play, i have managed to slay the archdemon and along the way boinked with morrigan the shapeshifting mage and also leliana the innocent but deadly bard turned chantry follower. i had the chance to hook up with zevran the questionably gay elf assassin as well but i figured i didn't want to go down that road. ended up having to slay him instead because he could resist trying to stick his antivan blade behind my back.

i managed to rally all of ferelden to support the grey warden in defending against the blight and the darkspawn. the elves, dwarves and human all united in facing the common enemy. there were some very difficult choices that i had to make. do i spare the life of a misguided war hero and lose the support of one of my trusted ally? do i agree to partake in some ancient sexual ritual so that the slain force of the archdemon would find its way into the baby that would be born, sparing my life as the grey warden who dealt the final blow?

hehe real life would never be this complicated and intense, hmm wait a sec, real life can be more complicated an intense especially when u can't really revert to the last save if things don't go the way u plan. hehe.

i dunno if i'd be willing to return to ferelden again so soon. yes there is the 6 different origin storyline and the remaining side quests that i haven't completed but the main story is already finished. maybe i could go through all the codex and really read thru them this time. hehe i dun think so.

maybe its time i pack my bags and brave the wastelands of fallout 3 instead?
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