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yes, they can..

i normally don't like to generalize. in fact i pretty much hate generalizing so much that i often find myself in arguments in which generalizing is the main issue. but i kinda accept that sometimes u just can't run away from generalizing. especially when incidences of exceptions to the rule had become fewer and farther in between.

so we all know about tiger woods, john terry and ashley cole. what do these three have in common apart from being fairly successful sportsmen? they all cheated on their partners. why you ask? the reason is obvious. men are pigs. hehe. i'm sorry. we are creatures of habit and opportunity. more often than not, when a man cheats, its never the fault of the woman. all the stuff that they tend to say are just excuses. oh his wife never paid him any attention. his girlfriend didn't want to give him head. they were having some problems. blah blah blah. excuses.

men cheat because they can. pure and simple. they see an opportunity and they just go for i…

So many things to do so little time..

Usually when u get to this stage of the year, u would probably find yourself press for time in trying to meet certain objectives and deadlines. Sure, u had the whole year to get the job done but nope u had to wait until the last possible minute to complete it.

But I guess the financial year end is inherently busy for most people anyways. What with the dreaded performance evaluation, tax assessments and all that crap. The important thing is to not let all the busyness get to ya.

You gotta make sure that u take the time to acknowledge those things that matter. No matter how much u feel that u wanna meet that deadline, u need to spend time with ur family and loved ones. Sure u can bring work back but come on, after 10 hours at the office what's the couple of hours entertaining the lil munkeh and her brother for a bit eh.

Well the fact that I'm even bringing work home is just as a comforter only. U know u can do the work if u have to but more often than not its just gonna stew in u…