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any excuse? we all have feelings too..

people act out on their disappointments in a number of ways. some people blog their heart out in a heart-felt emotional blog entry, whilst others go out and buy a playstation 3. some blame the people around them except for themselves, whilst others wonder how they could have lived without the big flat screen tv all their lives.

u don't have to question why people do the things that they do. when emotions are involved, preconceived conjectures are thrown out of the window. we just have to accept that everyone have feelings and they are entitled to act however they want to act and in which ever way they feel is best to soothe their disappointed heart.

yes there are regrets. things should have turned out much differently. but what can u do? what everyone seems to conveniently forget is it all started with the noblest of intentions.

but alas it was not meant to be. but as they say every cloud have their silver lining. for lil jj it came in the form of a brand spanking new raspberry pink …

you got the touch. you got the power..

lil jj is rolling all over me whilst i type this. she's playing some games on my phone. and yes, i've set it to airplane mode to reduce the risk of radiation. she's been really playful this couple of days. well actually she's always been playful pun. she's steadily increasing her vocabulary. i think the senorita has already mentioned that lil jj has got apple, fish and cat sorted. she's also understand some instructions like, sit down and stand up. whenever i give lil jj a bath, i would sing that eminem song, the one with the "please stand up", to get lil jj to stand up in the tub. hehe i like to think that that helped a bit la in making her understand.

lil jj has also increased her repertoire of songs from the MJ cd we have imbued to the car cd player. i think she sings to man in the mirror, stranger in moscow, the one with the 'dont stop till u get it up ke get enough' or something like that la. we still waiting for her to sing one of auntie …


Hey push! Lemme introduce you to my friend shove.
Rock, this is ur new home. It's a hard place.
Fan, I'm glad ur all acquainted with Shit.