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And the award for best supporting actor goes to...

Life is one big low budget movie, and most of the time ur playing the lead. The script sucks and u pretty much have to adlib a lot. U almost never get a hot sexy co-star (almost). But the important thing is no matter what the storyline is it is still ur story.

But there will come a time when u would have to make a choice. Do u keep on becoming the center of attention in that movie, or u start to play the more unglamourous supporting role in some other movie.

The dad to a precocious little girl, the best friend to a troubled soul, the team player in a big corporate project. There's so many different supporting roles out there.

What we fail to realise is that sometimes by taking a back seat and by becoming the supporting cast we not only enrich the life of others, we would also be adding to our own lives.

cat.. meowww.. ap ap..

so i downloaded this flashcard app thingy for my phone. i saw a colleague at the office showing me some apps that she downloaded on her iphone. something to distract her baby she said. well you know how supposedly iphones have an app for everything right? its not all fart sounds and boobies. well i decided to look for something similar on the android market and woop ti doo. i did find one.
lil jj has seriously gone bonkers over them flashcards!! she is at that stage where she finds books really interesting. we've gotten her several books with bright colors and cartooney characters and such. she's taken a liking to quite a few of them. there's this one abc book which i can just get her to sit on my lap intently while i read/sing/make funny sounds of the words and alphabets. she even has started trying to repeat the sounds and even the words. well it sounded like she was trying la kan. you tend to hear what you want to hear.
but with the flashcards, the sounds are hard to be m…

When I see you smile.

You know you have been neglecting your blog when the latest entry was in the last decade.
It's not like u'd run out of things to write, far from it. There had been a few blogworthy events that occured but I couldn't find the drive to update.
For starters, we had our new years friends and family gathering do in Seremban with some lovely friends. Then we had that nuffnang friso family day out thingy where the senorita won herself some toys r us vouchers which we immediately put to good use by buying some educational toys for lil jj. She's been going nuts with the abc machine and play mat. I swear I can almost hear her say apple, ladder and arsenal. Well the last one was a stretch la kan.
Tlm has started his form 1 and that's definitely a new challenge for everyone in the family. He'll have to learn to be more responsible and focus a lot more. Hopefully we can support him in this new environment.  
So u see there are a lot things to write about. And that's just …