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Happy birthday bb..

you know ur relationship has gone up another level when u are comfortable to share with ur other half what ur going to get her for her birthday and she would still get excited when she finally receive the item.
so the magic mouse that i ordered arrived today. one thing i love about Apple products is they really go to town on their whole minimalist cool agenda. i will probably do a full review on the senorita's review blog thingy later.

happy 24th birthday baby. its funny how by the end of the day, the senorita was celebrating her 17th birthday. she has really nice friends eh.

anyways, i took the monday off specifically for the occasion. heck, i even put it on the "reasons for taking leave" column as "wife's birthday", which was approved with no questions asked. the plan was to have dinner at our favourite place and enjoy their free dessert. but before that we had a ploy to bring lil jj to the kiddy gym first, get her all excited and tired so that when dinner time came, she would have gone to sleep and everyone can have dinner together. there was however a slight defect to what seemed to be a perfect plan.

we left the condo around 4:30, got to 1utama just before 5 and as our luck would have it, we got a nice parking spot just near the escalator entrance. luck of the birthday girl kot. we made our way to the kiddy gym, tlm and i were entertaining lil jj whilst the senorita caught up on some of her work. lil jj went nuts playing in the pool of balls and also the swing sets. they had this whole play area where kids got to climb and slide. it was all good fun. lil jj also had a go. of course with me right behind her as she climbed up. there were some other older kids who of course didn't really pay enough attention to lil toddlers mucking about. i was however very impressed with lil jj's determination in wanting to climb up the foam padded semi steep incline - should take some pictures the next time eh.

a couple of hours later it was time for the senorita's birthday dinner. we were lucky coz we didn't have to wait long. got a nice table and promptly ordered our food. the whole chili's birthday tradition thingy started coz we wanted the free dessert. hehe. in the olden days, u could order from any of the dessert menu. nowadays ur just left with chocolate brownies and ice cream. hehe. malaysians and our "free is the best" mentality eh.

notice the cheeky monkey look..

dinner came and true enough the whole plan to get lil jj all tired failed. we got halfway through our meal when lil jj started to get restless. not even mommies delicious boobies can placate her. so i decided to get some air and bring lil jj on a walkabout. lil jj was all happy again walking her tiny shoes off the shopping complex. we got to this shoe store with parquet flooring and lil jj was immediately attracted. at first i thought it was the shoes - like mommy like daughter eh - but then i realised that it was the wooden flooring and the sound her shoes make when she walked over it that got her all excited. i let her walk for a bit. she seemed not to care when i said bye bye lil jj. papa is going. nope she was content staying at the shoe store.

cheeky monkey enter frame

when i finally had to bring her out - cue the sirens. she arched her body protesting. macam-macam anak perempuan saya ni. hehe.

we finished dinner off with the staff of chili's 1utama singing happy birthday for the senorita. yeay.

happy birthday bb..

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