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Happy birthday bb..

you know ur relationship has gone up another level when u are comfortable to share with ur other half what ur going to get her for her birthday and she would still get excited when she finally receive the the magic mouse that i ordered arrived today. one thing i love about Apple products is they really go to town on their whole minimalist cool agenda. i will probably do a full review on the senorita's review blog thingy later.

happy 24th birthday baby. its funny how by the end of the day, the senorita was celebrating her 17th birthday. she has really nice friends eh.

anyways, i took the monday off specifically for the occasion. heck, i even put it on the "reasons for taking leave" column as "wife's birthday", which was approved with no questions asked. the plan was to have dinner at our favourite place and enjoy their free dessert. but before that we had a ploy to bring lil jj to the kiddy gym first, get her all excited and tired so that when dinner …

Rainy morning reminiscence..

I always get a bit of a chuckle every time I think about the minggu bahasa drama that we did back in form 4. The drama will forever be remembered for it's cheesy dialogues, elaborate fight scenes and pretty much all the fuck ups that could've happen happening.

What led to this sudden bout of reminiscence? Well after I was done laughing at the good old days, I realised that tomorrow, my classmate who played the leading lady in the play is getting married. Wei hei. So congratulations and all the best to Aidah, I'm sure you'll do just fine with the new role.

Funny how u can be taken for a stroll down memory lane for the weirdest of reasons. Remember back in the day, late nineties early naughties. When the local porn industry was basically dominated by Babyrina. You got a lot of this penampan or filtering websites that basically acts as a keyword search fisher thingy. Every time you do a search these websites often will be amongst the top.

When you click it, you would be gre…