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Lets start with something fresh..

The senorita has been bugging me for a while now about my oh so boring template. I kept deferring from changing it because i just couldn't be arsed. I mean i have never been that particular about the blog template before - preferring instead to concentrate on the content - haha - what content eh? Anyways the senorita showed me what she had done for her pet project and i thought what the hey. It had been a while since i changed the template anyways.

So here it is. The all new view with the same old shit. Hehe. Thanks bb. I owe u 430 million pounds. U can add that to the 8000 pounds i owed u last time.

So tlm got his UPSR result last thursday. I took the day off because we had to go to the secondary school where tlm was allocated. Incidentally it is the same school as the senorita. I was told that tlm went to all the same schools as the senorita from kindergarten, primary school and now secondary school. What are the odds eh? Well the odds are big la since we DO live at the same place la kan?

I didn't put any high expectations on tlm. We accepted that he was well up against it. With tlm, its all a matter of timing. He needs more time to do stuff. And he will always struggle in these exam type situations. Nevertheless, he gave it his best and we're glad that he managed to get B's and C's. The solitary A which he targeted prove elusive still.

After we were done with the registration, I decided that since i took the day off, might as well we all have a family outing. At least lil jj can get some exercise. We ended up going to OneUtama. Had Chili's for dinner to celebrate tlm's UPSR result and pretty much went walkabouting at the shopping mall. Did a spot of window shopping. I wanted to check out the mac stores for a preview of that new magic mouse but apparently they're not expecting any stock till the end of the month.

Saw the new E72 at the local Nokia shop. This was the phone that the senorita wanted to buy last time. Well not this one exactly but its predecessor the E71. I managed to convince the senorita to get the N82 back then because of the camera. When we were getting the N86, i did highlight to the senorita about the E72 but it was still not on sale yet. Anyways, I think the "serious business" side of the senorita would have loved that phone. We see la how eh.

I also managed to try the new Sony Ericsson phones which led me to write my first review for the senorita's pet project. Being quite opinionated herself, i think it's good that the senorita is channelling all that energy to doing a review blog about everything she can get her hands on. She invited me to contribute on some stuff too. So what the hey eh.

We wanted to start getting lil jj socializing with other kids. The opportunity is quite limited at the moment since lil jj has taken a fancy to just berkepitting with the senorita. Well granted she is still breast fed. We're still trying to figure out the optimum conditions in which she could drink from the bottle. Its pretty much hit and miss at the moment. Anyways, we will be trying out some kiddy gyms. I think this would be a good start. I mean unless we can round up a few kiddies lil jj's age and have a play date kinda thing, this would be a good way to expose lil jj to other kids right? Will update on how that turn out.

Liverpool is trailing 1-2. SHEESH 2-2. Aah after 2 weeks of internationals, its back to proper football now. I'm waiting for the Arsenal game after this. A trip to Sunderland with a heavily depleted squad. No Bendtner, no RVP. Its up to captain fabulous and the rest of the team to make sure that we keep the momentum going. Go the gunners!!

Anyways thats about it then.

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