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Lets start with something fresh..

The senorita has been bugging me for a while now about my oh so boring template. I kept deferring from changing it because i just couldn't be arsed. I mean i have never been that particular about the blog template before - preferring instead to concentrate on the content - haha - what content eh? Anyways the senorita showed me what she had done for her pet project and i thought what the hey. It had been a while since i changed the template anyways.

So here it is. The all new view with the same old shit. Hehe. Thanks bb. I owe u 430 million pounds. U can add that to the 8000 pounds i owed u last time.

So tlm got his UPSR result last thursday. I took the day off because we had to go to the secondary school where tlm was allocated. Incidentally it is the same school as the senorita. I was told that tlm went to all the same schools as the senorita from kindergarten, primary school and now secondary school. What are the odds eh? Well the odds are big la since we DO live at the same place…

Things will never be the same again..

Let's see..

I don't remember the last time the senorita and I has watched a movie together.

Our last outing together just the two of us was also another vague memory. It was at a company annual dinner where we tried leaving little jj with her grandma. It lasted for a couple of hours before the senorita had to rush home coz grandma was at her wits end trying to figure out why lil jj wouldn't stop crying.

Our traditional chili's birthday treat was also off the menu.

No more dating dating together gether.

No more, bunch of other stuff too.

Boo hoo.

Thing is I've kinda known all along that life will never be the same again when we found out that lil jj was coming. I did have some practice with tlm. But a baby would be more demanding than a grown little boy.

The first few years are very important and you need to ensure that you know your priorities. It would be great if you can call upon help where possible but I guess when push comes to shove, u need to be able to make the d…

sorry not at home..

aku memang suka baca blog orang. but yang pastinya aku dah tak punya masa untuk membaca semua blog yang aku follow. but the best part would be bila aku dah follow a blog for a while, and then bila dah lama tak baca, klik aje dia kata blog dah private. usually kalau orang private blog ni because of one of two things aje. but then aku realize that piah zadora sudah lama dah menghilangkan diri justeru itu orang pun dah tak sebok nak private-private because of that.

so aku wonder jugak la. bukan aku sebok sangat pun tapi aku curious.

ade one time aku baca blog this girl tengah expecting a baby. dah 36 ke 37 minggu tiba-tiba dia private. mungkin la nak some privacy but u can't help but wonder la what happen. or maybe ko baca blog orang jiwang cinta-cinta nak kawin la ape la. pastu private. dah break ke ape ke?

tah. aku rasa sebagai bloggers kita ni akan tulis what ever kita nak and kita tak owe anyone any explanation pun. but wouldn't it be better if ko private tu, ko tukar address bl…

soon she'll be going out on dates..

walking tall

so what's up with little jj nowadays? well she's been exercising her new found walking skills and now to add to her impressive repertoire she is now starting to climb stairs. yeay.

we've been letting little jj walk around whenever we go out shopping. usually she would just walk holding either my or the senorita's hand. then she started to get behind her stroller and push it while her eyes stick firmly to the ground. then she no longer wants to hold anyone's hand.

if u let her walk on her own, she would just go everywhere. menonong aje. escalators and elevators fascinate her. her routine every time we get to an elevator is to push the buttons. have to dukung her la for this. we've been doing that since before she's start walking.

me and me ball..

but now that the walking bit has been covered, the tricky climbing the stairs gig is next.

at first lil jj was like all apprehensive. i guess she haven't figured out the mechanics of climbing the stairs y…