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i will NEVER buy an iphone..

i told the senorita that i WILL never buy an iphone.

to which the senorita said that i dunno la bb. u might just buy an iphone. u said u wouldn't buy that htc phone and u end up buying it what.

to which i also said no la bb. i will NEVER buy an iphone.

its not the iphone's fault. i just wont buy one because i won't spend money on something where i can't really become a pioneer or an expert in. i personally know a bunch of iphone users. they love their machine. they accept whatever limitations it has and swear that it is the best invention since sliced bread. but at this stage for me, buying an iphone would just mean that i'm following the supposed in crowd. which isn't really my thing.

when i was using my palm, i really took to it to the extent that i became like an expert. people were asking me how to better utilise their palm. expert user in the sense that i know where look for solutions la rather than expert user in the programming sense. i never got that way with a winmob machine though. my first pda was a win ce device but i never stuck to it like i was with the palm or more recently symbian. even when some of my friends were getting themselves a sleek looking winmob machine i was never tempted to get one myself. again its down to me never being an expert per se. at the office this friend of mine is the go to guy for everything winmob. i've directed a lot of queries his way too. and people still look for me when they want to tweak their symbian phones.

i've yet to meet another android user. not at the office. and not while in the lrt. and it seems that everyone else is using an iphone. hehe.

so that would suit me just fine. if i have problems with my hero i would be forced to fix things myself. hehe. woot woot.

multi task much?

main homescreen..

look up weather forecast from the live update on home screen. ooh its cloudy. will it rain? hmm no droplets yet. weather forecast suck. walks to taxi "stand" and hail for cab. quickly check on twitter updates via widget. and check on friends facebook update via the link on "people" tab. one of the many ways to get facebook updates on the device. there's the people link, facebook app and directly on the internet.

peep widget..

post quick update about how u love nasi lemak vendors blah blah blah. refrained from listening to loud music in cab via headphones cause its just seem rude. pay cabby, plug in pink headphones. turn on Muse. flick to regular news website. flick back to twitter and facebook. do little head boppin action to Muse. sync office mail, and while waiting for that to load, flick to gmail app to check on mail.

facebook widget..

office mail loads. reminded off how much work there is. quick glance on upcoming appointments. have a thing at 1.30. phone buzzes and there's a call. end call. and everything is just as you left them. joy.

not like all this is new to me. i've been enjoying this level of multi tasking on the symbian (E90 and 5800) for a good couple of years (months la for the tube) pun.

other screen..

the only difference now is just the level of customisation and eye candy that the android ui provides. htc did a good job on customizing the android experience for the hero. the 7 home screen pretty much means u can customize ur machine however way u want.

hehe the senorita still thinks its a useless phone for the lack of video call option and the bluetooth disability. hehe she's one tough customer.
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