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Buggin u buggin me..

I remembered back in uni, the saham kereta gang has this favourite movie which we would watch on almost a regular basis every time we were to eat together. I don't remember who's vcd it was, but we'd watched it until we all kinda memorized the lines.

"Do you think I'm stupid? Do I look stupid to you?
"Oooh boysenberries!!"
"We all have our lot in life, its not a lot, but its our life"

Sometimes we can learn a lot from movies eh. But more often than not its all just entertainment eh.

Things have been moving at a surreal speed at the office. I find if I really put the effort and concentration to do something, I do get the job done. Hehe. That's not exactly a revelation now is it? Maybe it all depends on the working environment eh?

I think the team that we have now has the potential to develop into a really good team. Seriously.

That sounds a lot like me starting to talk about footie. Hehe.

I was woken up by the senorita who herself was only turning i…

Tuesday morning doo hickey..

Another day goes by and here in Malaysia we get to add another day to our growing list of public holidays. Yes ladies and gentlemen, put ur hands together and let's welcome 16 September, the latest public holiday making its debut hopefully next year.

Oh the joy.

What makes it more exciting is, whenever a public holiday falls on a weekend, we get replacement leave. So there'll be an increase in probability of long weekends for me. Let's just check what day does 16 September fall on next year.

Drats its a Thursday. Hehe can take Friday off and get a 4 day weekend.

That sounds like a plan eh.

Nope this is not another phone entry..

I've been blogging about phones a little bit too much lately. The thing that I should realise is that no matter how high tech u think ur phone is now, the next big thing is just around the corner. Soon u'll become outdated and the cycle just will repeat endlessly.

I will then stick to the plan of not buying a new phone for the next 2 years.

I'm sure the senorita is already taking bets against that happening.

Incidentally, I believe the blog is due some non footie, non techie entries. I think its time we talk about some other issues that merit some discussion.

Like for starters, is Pearl Jam really coming KL? I was shocked to read that it might be possible. I've seen them live in Manchester and that was the best musical experience that I ever had bar none. Granted that I don't go to that many concerts. There was korn, limp bizkit, muse, linkin park, pearl jam and some other smaller gigs. But pearl jam at the MENA was still the best for me.

But I guess that's probably…

widget shoppin lovin..

The following is a sponsored post.

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So go and give it a go.

when free is not what you really need..

the following is a sponsored post.

When something is free does it automatically mean that it's good? Well i guess when it comes to a free meal you can't really argue with it. But what if the free meal came with some strings attached? Or maybe you end up paying for something else?

Take your random free business cards offer. More often than not when something is free, you lose an element of control. You're limited to just a paltry selection of templates that didn't make it onto the "paid cards" list. Apart from that, you'd probably end up paying more on shipping and delivery, which kinda makes the free cards offer not really free to begin with.

They say you only have a chance to make a first impression once. A poor business card inevitably will reflect badly on you and will potentially make u lose that business opportunity you've been eying for.

This is where comes in. 123print is a one stop center for all your printing needs and what better …

chillin saturdiddyall..

hero taking photo of iphone 3gs taking photo of lil jj
iphone 3gs playing nice with hero..
n86 and iphone 3gs
so our good friend shirin came over for raya, on the last day of raya. and she was lucky cause the senorita had already made some of her (now world famous) home made burgers.
not artist's impression.. hehe
and i also got the opportunity to try out her iphone 3gs. i tell ya. its really fast. i had experience the 2g and 3g iphone and by comparison it feels way faster. but there isn't much difference in terms of how it looks ui wise. maybe the changes are hidden under the hood kot.
anyways, after a not so extensive testing, i have come to the following observations/conclusions: The iphone 3gs is fast(er).The android experience is 'richer' than the iphone.Nokia N86 camera kicks both the iphone and hero's camera's ass.The senorita makes dang good burgers.. so the senorita and i took lil jj out to klcc. tlm was at his grandparent's. we took the lrt. its lil jj…

i will NEVER buy an iphone..

i told the senorita that i WILL never buy an iphone.

to which the senorita said that i dunno la bb. u might just buy an iphone. u said u wouldn't buy that htc phone and u end up buying it what.

to which i also said no la bb. i will NEVER buy an iphone.

its not the iphone's fault. i just wont buy one because i won't spend money on something where i can't really become a pioneer or an expert in. i personally know a bunch of iphone users. they love their machine. they accept whatever limitations it has and swear that it is the best invention since sliced bread. but at this stage for me, buying an iphone would just mean that i'm following the supposed in crowd. which isn't really my thing.

when i was using my palm, i really took to it to the extent that i became like an expert. people were asking me how to better utilise their palm. expert user in the sense that i know where look for solutions la rather than expert user in the programming sense. i never got that way wi…