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maaa... ma.. daaaa.. di...

the senorita was all excited when little jj finally said mama. well not just mama, daddy, abang and also adik. well we later found out that adik probably means atuk. coz that was what she repeated when the senorita said atuk.. a-dik. hmm. but mama was clearly heard.

i also tried to do it la of course. the first few times didn't take as little jj was more interested to do her walking routine. but later when i was trying to tuck her in. i got her to complete the words. i said ma... ma she would say. da.. di. ja... da.. hehe. and then she would just cry. she always cry when i try to tuck her in. don't have boobies to placate her plak tu. so the senorita would often have to come in and do her thing.

last weekend so citeh beat the gunners 4-2. i watched the game back home with me dad and brother. the heart ache was less la since it had been a while since the raffali gooners had a chance to watch the game together. the major talking point was the behaviour of former gunner adetakbayorbill. he had skills. there was this one move where he ghosted past 3 players into the box but the moved fizzled out. no doubting his skills. i can even understand his whole mad dash celebration bit. yeah seriously. he got some stick from the fans and yeah he got his revenge with the win.

the thing that bothered me was how violent he behaved. on the pitch that is. cesc's ankle and rvp's face will testify to that. having reviewed the incident, it's really hard to justify the two incidents as accidents. well maybe for the one on cesc. but the stamp on rvp? surely he'll get the punishment that he deserves.

as much as the traveling gooners deserved that adebayor celebration for dishing verbal abuse to the player the whole game, i rather believe that adebayor deserved whatever punishment that the fa decide to book him with. he should take a leaf out of kolo toure's book on how to behave.

still a long way to go. 4 games in. lost 2. another 34 to go. so lets not panic yet. the distraction of the champions league couldn't have come at a better time.

we're in the last week of ramadhan. i wonder where did the month go? still got time to send out those greeting cards ke u think? hehe. i don't think we've embraced the whole preparation before raya spirit that much in our household. to think that my only target is to get the curtains dry cleaned. hehe. sad. but i tell ya, i'm looking forward to the long break. nak recharge batteries. dah masuk half year kerja. still got a bunch of kpi's to meet. so little time hehe.

so maybe its a good time to start on the maaf zahir dan batin bits? naah. tunggu pagi raya lagi best. hehe.
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