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the switch..


when it comes to brand loyalty, i don't think i have any. er scratch that. i do have a preferred petrol station and i support arsenal. but apart from that i don't think i have any real brand loyalty.

nope nada.

so it shouldn't come as a surprise when i switched to the htc hero just before raya. well when other's were buying baju raya and decorating their houses with new curtains and what not, i got myself a raya handphone. woop ti doo.

i had been eyeing the hero ever since it was rumored to come out. it runs android, the open source mobile os championed by google. i figured i've gone as far as i can with the s60. don't get me wrong. function wise, the s60 in all its iterations did the job well. what it lacked in eye candy it made up with straight forward functionality. the only complaint that one can make is that the UI is just getting a bit boring.

so what were the alternatives?

i. the all conquering iphone aka the phone with the app for everything.
the main …

selamat hari raya..

well here we are. already raya ke 7. still not too late to do a raya entry right?

this year we celebrated the first day of raya at my parents. we came over the night before and wouldn't you believe it little jj got her walking legs there and then. i guess she just felt the time was right for her to do the whole 'look ma no hands' trick. chalk that off the baby milestone book eh.

so it was off to the mosque in the morning. then we came to the food. oooh. masak lodeh. ayam masak merah. lemang. staple raya food and my mom made it just the way i like it. this year raya was a tad quieter. my sister and her family is in india. so nabil, aidil and farzana is rayaing bollywood style. so there was no extra drama during our traditional drama session. i think u guys are familiar with the raffali clan family drama by now. we have our traditional 'anugerah burung' award for the most melodramatic apology by a family member. i think this year it fell to khalil.

we ziarah arwah kak i…

maaa... ma.. daaaa.. di...

the senorita was all excited when little jj finally said mama. well not just mama, daddy, abang and also adik. well we later found out that adik probably means atuk. coz that was what she repeated when the senorita said atuk.. a-dik. hmm. but mama was clearly heard.

i also tried to do it la of course. the first few times didn't take as little jj was more interested to do her walking routine. but later when i was trying to tuck her in. i got her to complete the words. i said ma... ma she would say. da.. di. ja... da.. hehe. and then she would just cry. she always cry when i try to tuck her in. don't have boobies to placate her plak tu. so the senorita would often have to come in and do her thing.

last weekend so citeh beat the gunners 4-2. i watched the game back home with me dad and brother. the heart ache was less la since it had been a while since the raffali gooners had a chance to watch the game together. the major talking point was the behaviour of former gunner adetakbayo…