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i'm not a celebrity.. don't get me out of here..

so my sister jannah will be fighting the good fight in nabawan sabah. influencing the minds of young learners over there will become one of her greatest challenge. living potentially without the basic necessities that one has grown accustomed to would be another. she'll be flying off this monday. first time on a plane and she gets a one-wayticket to the back waters of sabah. lets wish her all the best eh.

so i finally settled on a eee pc for my first laptop. they call it a netbook or sub-notebook nowadays. i think that's more of a marketing ploy. segregating products to different classes will inevitably lead to people buying a lot of different devices. a desktop for the office, a laptop for travel. a smartphone. and what have u. anyways, after doing my homework, i went to the pc fair with hopes of getting a good bargain. all the major computer manufacturers have their own take on the netbook genre.

after browsing around i decided to go for the EEE PC 1005HA. yes there was a PINK one but NO i did not go for that. upon completing my purchase i was asked by a colleague at the office if it was worth it to go for a SUB notebook. why not get a real laptop or a full featured pc? well for starters a person buying a netbook will for all intents and purposes would not be using it as their main computer. but i don't really see a problem why u can't. remember the time when people foresee the smartphones to eventually replace the laptop? well that never happened now did it? when it comes to function, most smartphones are capable of replacing the laptop but in the end people just figured they don't want to sacrifice on screen real estate for their movies and browsing and what not.

so the first thing that i did when i got the netbook was to install ubuntu on it. so now its a dual boot machine with xp and ubuntu. i purposely got the Net Book Remix variant of ubuntu just because i already have the normal jaunty jackalope install on the senorita's other computer. that was a really fun process. hehe. it came with 160GB oh disk space so i split it evenly between the two. which is probably not a good idea since one would think that one doesn't need as much space running ubuntu. betol ke dol?

anyways, i'm pretty happy with my purchase. hehe well who would say that they wouldn't la kan right off the bat. well maybe the senorita kot. she would just say la if she was disappointed with her purchase ke whatever. like when she first tried out her new phone. the N86. the camera was supposed to be better than her old N82 but the few shots that we took left a lot to be desired. i was bummed la since i was the one who recommended the phone to her in the first place. but after upgrading the firmware and fiddling with the phone some more i think she's lovin it. kalau tak suka pun what can u do eh? dah beli. hehe.

well we went to keramat yesterday to meet jannah and the rest of the family. the senorita with all her spots and itching braved the crawling traffic jam that was the federal highway. i think.. well i think laa that this had something to do with some disgruntled people protesting about something somewhere in the middle of kl. i think la. on the way, some dude decided that he would try to beat traffic by running into our car. u can read about all that here.

lucky the impact was not that severe. we had little jj and tlm at the back seat so ya'll can understand la why the senorita went berserk at the clueless driver. it was a minor scratch, i couldn't see any major dent and we could open the door so rather than cause further delays and jam on the road, we decided to just drive off.

curik gambar ni from here

right now the senorita is struggling with the itch and doing her work at the same time. adult chicken pox sucks. and i can't do anything apart from help applying the calamine lotion to the hard to reach places.

keshiaaaaaaan diaaaaa.
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