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apabila singapura dilanggar todak..

last week i went to singapore for a couple of days because the company had an annual reception which i was told to go to. took the opportunity to meet some of our counterparts to compare processes and what not. don't really wanna dwell on that.

had a taste of some local delicacies. sup tulang. murtabak singapore. but didn't get the chance to really take my own sweet time for sightseeing and stuff.

they managed to get free broadband bundled with the hotel rates so i got to skype the senorita, little jj and tlm at home that night before my flight back. funny how internet is still considered a premium at an already premium hotel? do they really make money out of the broadband charges? why can some quirky bed and breakfast type establishment in the city of paris can afford to give you free wifi but then a 6 or seven star hotel still charges u an arm and a leg to access the net? something must not be right somewhere.

i got back home on saturday and was just flat out wasted until later that night. must be all that hosting duties i pulled at the reception. lenguh gak senyum and salam salam. although one of the recommendations to minimize the spread of contagious disease is to limit physical contact, u can't really avoid it at times. just take the necessary precautions la kot.

we went to digital mall on sunday to look for a bluetooth keyboard compatible with the senorita's phone to facilitate her doing her work. there was a blackout at the apartment and she couldn't do work. now barring me getting her a laptop and by laptop i mean a macbook, she has to make the necessary adjustments la with a keyboard aje. just for typing on the go la kan. it turns out we couldn't find it at digital mall. seriously. all that tech and no bluetooth keyboard. hmm one dude commented that its not the 'in' thing now. dunno la about that. i did find a portable dvd writer for my netbook. matching lagi color hehe.

we then left for keramat. my sister's ana had her song HBKL on the preview list at so we were all voting for the song to be number one. since if a song gets to number one untill the end of the week it will be bumped to the proper charts. so we had ana's tech brigade racking up votes and telling all our friends to do the same. if u wanna listen to the song, u can watch this remixed version with little jj doing her dance to the tune here. now the song is at number one. hehe i think my brother asyiq is working hard to try and maintain it. go la have a look if ya'll don't have anything to do. 

i ended up buying the bluetooth keyboard on ebay. it will be a few days jugak la kan for it to be delivered. banyak gak beli barang from ebay. 

lil jj was being extremely playful yesterday. i put it down to the fact that i had shaven off my beard and mustache and she feels weird. but the senorita said that lil jj has been playful the last 2 or 3 days already. this morning, she woke up early and as i was getting ready for work, she was all smiles and cheery. climbed over the senorita and started to play with the senorita's phone. the other day she managed to unlock the keypad. smart budak ni. trust me on this. i have a feeling that she will be a techie like me (or the senorita - since she is MORE techier than me. she did her whole xml blog template editing on her own - which till now i could never do)

interestingly, the english premier league is about to start.. wei hei.. but those damn folks at astro has decided to raise the subscription rates for the sports package. an extra 10 bucks per month. granted its not really that much but for someone who just watch footie, paying extra for golf and other unrelated sports event is just ridiculous. what to do? i think it's okay if u support man u or liverpool. coz their games are always shown at ur local mamak and what not. and if there's a clash between an arsenal game and man u or liverpool or even chelsea, the mamak owners would gladly pick the latter. so ur kinda screwed la. so whatcha gonna do? bayor je laa kot. 

i have a feeling that this year will be a fruitful one la for the gunners. hehe famous last words.
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