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the other anniversary..

4 years ago today, i was trying to get this girl that i just met for coffee to go out on a proper date. she was playing hard to get.. :) I dunno who came up with the whole waiting for two weeks before seeing each other again bit coz I sure as hell didn't buy it. We met up a few days before. It was coffee at starbucks. I wasn't a coffee person and I don't hang out at starbucks but it was a neutral enough place for a first time meet up.The thing about coffee is, its harmless. And at the same time it gives u a way out. If u don't like the person u can always excuse urself after the first cup. If u had gone out for dinner the first time, then u can't really back off until the dinner has run its course.There was no such problems for me la. The moment I saw her I knew that there was something here. Hehe. She looked way betterhotter than what I saw from her blog. I was guilty of checking up on her after I had asked her for coffee. We met up after work and what transpired …

happy birthday mummy..

today is my mom's birthday. if u look at her ic it's supposed to be next month but nope, today is my mom's birthday.

my mom is a very influential forced who shaped me into what i am today. i don't smoke. and i have my mom to thank for that. i'm generally a nice guy. again thanks to my mom. i grew up having very cool parents. some of my friends could never understand the relationship all the raffali clan have with our moms ni. we all kiss and hug in public. and i even had someone commented, eh ko tak segan ke dah besar pun nak peluk cium ur mom like that.

i pity the fool who feels that way.

if the day comes and i start to get all segan and what not just take a gun and shoot me.

aanyways, my mom have gone through a lot la raising all 11 of us. we each have our stories to tell.

but at the risk of sounding cliche, they say u don't pick your parents, but i wouldn't trade mine for anything in the world.


zzz zzz zzzzz

so its another lazy saturday. the english premier league starts today. yeay. and they're showing arsenal vs everton on espn at midnight. double yeay. the senorita is having her facial. lil jj is asleep and i'm in front of the telly watching shanghai noon with tlm. laaazy saturday indeed.

censor the internet? hehe yeah. good luck.

it seems that lil jj hasn't been taking her naps much nowadays according to the senorita. so it kinda surprised her a bit la with her peaceful.

maybe she can wake up a bit later and teman daddy dia tengok game arsenal malam ni.


apabila singapura dilanggar todak..

last week i went to singapore for a couple of days because the company had an annual reception which i was told to go to. took the opportunity to meet some of our counterparts to compare processes and what not. don't really wanna dwell on that.

had a taste of some local delicacies. sup tulang. murtabak singapore. but didn't get the chance to really take my own sweet time for sightseeing and stuff.

they managed to get free broadband bundled with the hotel rates so i got to skype the senorita, little jj and tlm at home that night before my flight back. funny how internet is still considered a premium at an already premium hotel? do they really make money out of the broadband charges? why can some quirky bed and breakfast type establishment in the city of paris can afford to give you free wifi but then a 6 or seven star hotel still charges u an arm and a leg to access the net? something must not be right somewhere.

i got back home on saturday and was just flat out wasted until late…

i'm not a celebrity.. don't get me out of here..

so my sister jannah will be fighting the good fight in nabawan sabah. influencing the minds of young learners over there will become one of her greatest challenge. living potentially without the basic necessities that one has grown accustomed to would be another. she'll be flying off this monday. first time on a plane and she gets a one-wayticket to the back waters of sabah. lets wish her all the best eh.

so i finally settled on a eee pc for my first laptop. they call it a netbook or sub-notebook nowadays. i think that's more of a marketing ploy. segregating products to different classes will inevitably lead to people buying a lot of different devices. a desktop for the office, a laptop for travel. a smartphone. and what have u. anyways, after doing my homework, i went to the pc fair with hopes of getting a good bargain. all the major computer manufacturers have their own take on the netbook genre.

after browsing around i decided to go for the EEE PC 1005HA. yes there was a PINK…