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its baaack..

so malaysia will get another shot of taking on man u. i think they did a good job despite losing 2-3. mickey owen popping up in a typical goal poaching style for the win. here's hoping he won't be doing much of that in the league. in other news, arsenal drew 2-2 against barnet in their traditional pre-season curtain raiser. arshavin and barazite with the goals for the gunners but the highlight surely is the comeback of a certain czech master tomas rosicky. from the news that i gather he displayed some neat touches and combined well with arshavin. here's hoping he'll finally make an impact with a hopefully injury free season.

i wanted to say i introduced the senorita to twitter but she actually signed up a while back but had never been that active. she maintained that its easier to just update her facebook status, and leave it at that. since twitter has a facebook app and u can link ur twitter updates to ur facebook status, i proceeded to show the senorita just that. and now she's liking it. i've got tweetdeck running on her mac and i can see that she's been updating here and there.

i'm sure she'll probably get more and more followers after this just like how it was with her blog. once upon a time, i used to have more readers than her but i'm fairly certain that the tables have turned. i think she has more readers than me. or maybe her readers love to comment more kot.

anyways, the last two or three days, the center court at klcc played host to them nice finnish folk of nokia. they were promoting their latest wares in the form of the new N97 and the N86 8MP. the former is kinda old news but the latter, wow now that's something to eye for. nokia has finally come up with a replacement for its flagship camera phone the N82. the nice folks at allaboutsymbian has done a nice review on the phone and u can read it here.

anyways, i'm eyeing that phone for the senorita actually. she takes good pictures but she hates carrying a bunch of gadgets around. camera. phone. camera bag. all that crap. she needs everything to fit inside her handbag and easily accessible whenever the time comes to use it. when we were buying that N82, she had her eyes set on another business centric phone. the E71. but i convinced her that she should go with the N82. since she was staying at home, she needed a good camera to take photos of little jj and what not. so against her better judgement, she followed my recommendations.

this time round, nokia is coming up with the E72, an upgrade to the E71, with beefed up specs and still sleek looking sexy looks. and on the other hand u have the N86 - the monster of a camera phone from nokia. its deja vu init?

do u go with the useful camera phone or the business centric workhorse.

i'm thinking this time i'm not gonna decide for her. i'll let her choose for herself.

the klcc exhibit also showcased nokia's supplementary services in Ovi. Ovi is "door" in finnish and it's basically a gateway through a whole bunch of services that will make your mobile phone experience, well nokia anyways, much more rewarding. u have Share on Ovi which is basically a multimedia upload services where u can share ur photos and videos online. nokia's newer phones are all heavily linked with this service. u have Sync where u can pretty much synchronise ur contacts online - altho i have tried this a few times the sms number that u need to go to to get ur sync profile doesn't work if ur on celcom. u have a Store to download apps. hehe there's an app for this too. u have Maps where u can sync ur phone maps with an online maps. plan ur route online and what not and see the items on ur mobile. u have Mail which is self explanatory and last but not least u have Files.

now i only just tried out files today. it was under paid subscription before but now its free. u install the program on ur pc and u can then access ur files on the go, on ur mobile whenever where ever. how cool is that?

the best part of all that is it's all free - well for now anyways. u never know if its some sort of ploy to get u using it and then when ur use to it bamm they charged u with some form of subscription fee.

BREAKING NEWS: Adebayor signs for Citeh..

well little jj has started to recover from her chicken pox. i didn't know this but apparently if u have gotten chicken pox before, u won't catch it again. but the next time the virus attacks u might get shingles. and there's no jab for that. little jj is slowly gaining her self and a few days before her first birthday we can see a tooth starting to come out. yeay. soon she can start to eat what we all eat. her mama's masak lemak. her dad's air masak panas and angin masak kicap. hehe time sure flies.

dun worry.. i won't bite..

a quick shout out to my cousin amy. happy engagement. and good luck to azlan - remember the first one takde 'nya'.
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