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how lil jj celebrated her birthday..

.. she had her first taste of chocolate cheese cake - didn't like it that much - like the senorita. but i found it okay.

.. she learnt how to climb off the bed - not walking yet but have advanced to climbing down the bed. hmm more rearrangement is due la like this.

lucky she's one. if she were a bit older sure tanya apasal papa tak buat party untuk saya.. hehe i'll tell you when ur much older k. love u.

its baaack..

so malaysia will get another shot of taking on man u. i think they did a good job despite losing 2-3. mickey owen popping up in a typical goal poaching style for the win. here's hoping he won't be doing much of that in the league. in other news, arsenal drew 2-2 against barnet in their traditional pre-season curtain raiser. arshavin and barazite with the goals for the gunners but the highlight surely is the comeback of a certain czech master tomas rosicky. from the news that i gather he displayed some neat touches and combined well with arshavin. here's hoping he'll finally make an impact with a hopefully injury free season.

i wanted to say i introduced the senorita to twitter but she actually signed up a while back but had never been that active. she maintained that its easier to just update her facebook status, and leave it at that. since twitter has a facebook app and u can link ur twitter updates to ur facebook status, i proceeded to show the senorita just that. and…

The curious case of how she got it..

So my sister ana finally finished recording her single. Little jj immediately took a liking as she was already familiar with the song with ana rendering it acoustically a few times whenever we come over. It sounds more polished after getting the full studio treatment. Lets see if it catches on.
Little jj is coping with her chicken pox. The spots are showing up on her chest, back and other parts of her body. I'm still a bit frustrated with the fact that she even got infected. Just as she was recovering from her eye infection and flu, now its the chicken pox. We haven't been going out and meeting people who were infected. Although u never can be sure of what u bring back home coming from the daily commute from the office.
But the doctor told us that little jj probably was exposed two weeks ago coz it takes that long for the spots to materialize. Which means that she probably got it during our visit to the clinic to check up on her flu. Can't really be sure.
Well no use thinking…

dun be touchin me nose..

little jj doesn't like it when i try to wipe her nose. in fact, the experience is bordering on torture. and that's just a simple tissue to wipe her runny nose. imagine the horror when u try to give her nose drops or even try to use the nose pump to clear her nose.

its also a struggle to get her to drink milk from the bottle. this one time she wouldn't stop crying. i thought it was down to her really not wanting the milk, but it turned out that she did a number 2.

i guess we need to be more patient la kan.

i'm starting to sit down with little jj and 'read' with her. and by read i mean pointing at pictures and saying the words out loud. i did try the whole reading a story with some funny accent and trying to excite a reaction. but i think she's still too young for that. doesn't matter. at least i can still practice my fake indian and fake scottish accent for when she gets a little older.

speaking of which, we're now in the month of july. little jj's b…