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i've got my eyes on u..

we took little jj to the doctor on sunday for the second part of her pneumococcal jab. she was okay after the jab but during the week she develop a throat infection which ended up affecting her eyes. well that was what the new doctor said. our usual paediatrician, dr lee was off on a vacation for three days - we totally forgotten about it when we showed up at the clinic. luckily the senorita remembered that there was another clinic that she used to bring tlm when he was much younger.

the doctor was professional and all that but she lacked the distinct "the doctor reaaallly cares for your kid" attitude that the elderly dr lee showed. but maybe that sorta relationship is developed over time? or maybe she was in a hurry to get home or something. it was relatively late anyways, we got little jj's meds and was on our way.

i didn't realise how sewious it looked until i saw it for myself. the senorita told me that little jj was having some discharges from her eye. which is quite normal when u get an eye infection. but seeing it on ur little girl was very gut wrenching. i was close to tears on the way back from the clinic. the senorita was all okay la kan. she's strong like that plus she probably have seen it all before with tlm. but it was new to me. it makes u wonder also how she got the infection in the first place. now wouldn't it just suck if it were something u brought home with u.

on a separate note, eye drops and some babies just don't mix la.

it was report card time at tlm's school. left work after lunch, arrived at the school around 3. they had a briefing with the std 6 kids on their exam performance and also some tips on answering the questions. got the usual talk from tlm's teacher. on how he's not really concentrating on his lessons and what not. i know i need to spend more time with tlm, sit with him while he's doing his work. somehow that has been lacking a bit. u want to be able to trust ur kids to do work on their own time but when it just doesn't work with some kids. there's less than 3 months before the big exams, hopefully we can start pushing some of the borderline reds to the blue half of the grades.

anyways, i was talking to some of my iphone wielding friends and they were all excited about how the latest update have made the iphone such a fantastic device. yes. now u can copy and paste and send mms. woop ti do. hehe but it seems that as usual apple have taken copy/pasting to another level. i still have yet to figure out how to copy text from a web page on the built in browser of my tube. it seems that u can do it on an iphone? can't try it for myself so i dunno. can anyone else confirm that u can't select text on a web page and copy and paste it to a note on symbian s60v5? hehe.

still on the gadget front, i sometimes forget that i haven't been updating the blog. when ur always twittering or updating ur status on facebook, u sometimes think that hey maybe i HAVE updated. can't be neglecting all my readers now can i eh? yep all 5 of u. anyways, my brother recently bought an N97. hehe he's always at the forefront of technology la that dude. hehe usually after a brief consult with me la kan. not that it would make any difference pun coz once the dude has made his mind up he just goes with his gut. he asked what i thought about some winmob devices. i told him i wouldn't touch those with a long stick. i asked him to look at the n97. he was using an e71. but he was a big winmob guy though.

the thing about my brother is, he has a good policy with handing down his phones. in fact this trait was shared amongst all us raffalicans. i remembered my first hand me down was a nokia 8310. than i got a hand me down sony ericsson t610 and i got hooked on se. once i can afford to buy my own phones i started to hand some of mine down too. hehe. but i think there was a few times where i didn't hand down some phones coz i just traded them in to get the next phone. hehe better trade in value than just family hand me downs la. yep. in our family, we usually hand down phones at a cost la. unless ur my sister ana la kan. she can get away with a freebie every now and again.

so back to the n97, i have to admit that it looked like something that i wouldn't mind having. hehe but u have to remember that a phone is only as good as the functions or the stuff that u want to do with it la. if that is the yardstick then, i don't really need it la since i can do most of the stuff on my funky tube pun. hehe, but if ever my brother decides to hand THAT behemoth down than hehe i'll be the first in line laa. hehe.

don't cry little jj,
u'll get better soon..

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