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eh.. its june already eh?

its already june. where did the last 5 months go eh? footie has pretty much ended. not much to look forward to apart from international qualifiers and maybe the under 21 euro championship. there's tennis now, french open. nadal lost his 31 not out streak at the rolland garros to some swedish journeyman. maybe federer will have a chance to win it eh. since when did i follow tennis? i don't think i ever did. apart from watching anna kournikova attempting to only let the ball bounce la kan.

so nope, no more footie until next august. the senorita will definitely be pleased about that.

so what better way to celebrate no footie by writing about footie. hehe the senorita will NOT be pleased about this. as usual come every summer, the transfer merry go round will start and you'll see crazy money being spent trying to tempt the best players to come into the best teams. u don't really get that at arsenal. well the last two years have been really quiet considering u have clubs with billionaire owners splashing the cash like its no body's business. granted last year we had nasri come in but our major signing only came in january.

this year however, after seeing his team fall short on all fronts, maybe arsene wenger will finally decide hey i need to find the right mix between youth and experience. and hopefully we can see some big names come in.

it will be very hard, since money will always be an issue. take gareth barry. last year he said that he would be leaving villa for some champions league football. u reckoned he'd end up at liverpool or maybe even arsenal. but nope he'll be plying his trade in the blue of manchester city. wei hei. no european football but at least he's lined up his pockets really well.

anyways it will be reallly interesting to see all the players linked with the gunners over the next couple of months. the interesting bit will be how disappointed the fans will get when one by one the transfer targets begin to sign up for other clubs and ur down to the last couple of days before the transfer window end - no new signing in sight. hehe. lets hope it will turn out differently this year.

incidentally, the last how many days i was trying to win me and opportunity to win a nokia n97 via the search for N competition hosted here. the last clue was yesterday. i drafted out the email on my phone and i totally forgot about the last clue. had shut down my computer - damn thing takes a few minutes to reboot again. so i had to browse on the phone solve the last clue send the email - only to realise that i didn't follow the format exactly. send the email again - fumbling with my virtual keyboard and only manage to send out the correct answers by 7.08 pm. the results came out and dag nabbit i missed out. the winners all got their correct answers sent in by 7.02 pm apparently. damn that was fast. hehe

so the lucky 10 will duke it out today for the chance to win themselves 6 brand spanking new n97. drool. hehe. ah well. as excited as i was at the prospect, i'm quite content with my 5800. i mean i finally got most of the kinks ironed out, that bug with the contacts bar is no longer there. hehe although it has room for 4 main contacts i find myself just focussed on the senorita. ya la, for all the 558 contacts on my phone book, she's the one that i call, sms, and video call the most la kan. dah la communication between us is free under the 1 + 5 family plan.

never mind. the tube is serving its purpose as a really fun yet purposeful phone. music, movies, internet, blogging, live twitter updates, facebooking, even the occasional work emails. hehe occasional eh. note the emphasis on FUN.

anyways, i'm excited with the prospect of being really busy over the weekend and into next week. a big conference is coming up and i'll be busy taking notes and stuff like that. this will be my 3rd year leading the team. we have some new faces coming in - hopefully it won't be a one off la for them. luckily i can count on some regulars who are quite efficient in what they do.

i'm not that excited however with the fact that i'll be without the company of the senorita, tlm and little jj come friday as they will be jetting off with the rest of the family for a well deserved vacation. uhuk uhuk uhuk. hehe padan muka. asyik tinggalkan orang aje now rasa la plak kena tinggal.

tsk tsk tsk..

i is sad. :(
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