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tweet tweet..

i'm playing around with several "clients" for twitter. i think i might just give up blogging all together. hehe yeah right. anyways, on my phone i have Gravity which does the job really well. i'm using twitterfox add on when i'm browsing via firefox. and i just downloaded TweetDeck on the senorita's mac.

what is it with twitter eh?

some say its micro blogging. some people use it to spam. some use it to document every minute of their lives and some just use it to update their followers of what's going on in their lives. everyone is using it. well of course not la everyone is on twitter. its usage its not exclusive to famous people wanting to update their fans but even serious journalist. i remembered following the tweets of one newspaper reporter following the result of the political hupplah in perak and i read her update first before it was even in the mainstream news. that's kinda cool eh?

at the moment i'm following some friends, a few random stran…

i've got my eyes on u..

we took little jj to the doctor on sunday for the second part of her pneumococcal jab. she was okay after the jab but during the week she develop a throat infection which ended up affecting her eyes. well that was what the new doctor said. our usual paediatrician, dr lee was off on a vacation for three days - we totally forgotten about it when we showed up at the clinic. luckily the senorita remembered that there was another clinic that she used to bring tlm when he was much younger.

the doctor was professional and all that but she lacked the distinct "the doctor reaaallly cares for your kid" attitude that the elderly dr lee showed. but maybe that sorta relationship is developed over time? or maybe she was in a hurry to get home or something. it was relatively late anyways, we got little jj's meds and was on our way.

i didn't realise how sewious it looked until i saw it for myself. the senorita told me that little jj was having some discharges from her eye. which is qu…

another one bites the dust..

so i've been finding the little (A4) notes that the senorita strategically place around the house very helpful. handy reminders of stuff and how much this place is so lonely without her.. and the tlm and little jada. i know one can really enjoy some 'alone' time but if one is so used to the ruckus, the quiet silence can be deafening.

aah cepat la baaalik. hehe.

a clear sign of maturity is when a man, with ample opportunity to be 'bujang' for a couple of days, decide that the best thing to do when ur wife and kids is not at home is to stay home, watch dvds, download movies and computer games all by himself.

maturity or maybe u just don't have too many friends eh? hehe.

met up with azlan on saturday. he wanted to officially give his wedding invites to me and my parents. supposed to meet him after lunch but he ended up coming over around 9ish i think. we had a good chat, with my mom too. the wedding is in a months time, i told him to get all the administrative bits d…

eh.. its june already eh?

its already june. where did the last 5 months go eh? footie has pretty much ended. not much to look forward to apart from international qualifiers and maybe the under 21 euro championship. there's tennis now, french open. nadal lost his 31 not out streak at the rolland garros to some swedish journeyman. maybe federer will have a chance to win it eh. since when did i follow tennis? i don't think i ever did. apart from watching anna kournikova attempting to only let the ball bounce la kan.

so nope, no more footie until next august. the senorita will definitely be pleased about that.

so what better way to celebrate no footie by writing about footie. hehe the senorita will NOT be pleased about this. as usual come every summer, the transfer merry go round will start and you'll see crazy money being spent trying to tempt the best players to come into the best teams. u don't really get that at arsenal. well the last two years have been really quiet considering u have clubs with…