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two years and i want some more..

so we're all kinda impressed with this little gizmo that we got for tlm. its this small 20 question thingamajig that supposedly reads minds. u think about something and answer 20 questions that the machine throws at ya and then it will guess the answer. we tried it with a few stuff and it was bang on the money. elevators, bra, a girlfriend, but it did get some wrong guesses. which the machine quirkily retorts - aah so human of me.

there's an online version of it which ya'll can try here.

well it was a very relaxing weekend. i had my volunteering stint on saturday with the primary school kids. brought tlm with me coz i knew he would enjoy the activities with kids his age. i asked the other volunteers taking care of the standard 6 kids to look out for him. apparently he was very active in asking questions and what not. that's good la kan. i haven't been going to the sessions for the last few sessions. the new standard 4 kids were quite a handful apparently. hehe kids eh.

i'm a good little girl i am..

we got home around noon just in time to stay and baby sit little jj while the senorita met up with her best friend. little jj was behaving herself. i've been trying to get her to start crawling. we layed a comforter in the living room to aid to that effect. i placed her toys a little out of reach from her and just guess what she did. she has two confirmed methods to get what she wants. wait make that three.

first, she just grabs the comforter and then just basically pulls the comforter close and tada.. she gets her toy. the second one is when she basically just lays down. inches herself closer, sometimes via rolling and bob's your uncle she gets to where she wants. the last method is to just stretch out her hands and let out her siren and get her daddy to get her what she wants. proven i tell ya. works like a charm every time.

i'm not really worried with her progression. i mean, each baby's progress is different. heck i didn't even crawl that much before i just started walking. her 'brother' noah has taken his first steps already. hehe must be the london weather.

i got a call from an old friend with some great news. a little out of the blue but hey that's what u get for not keeping in touch that much eh. but still i'm happy for him. will definitely catch up with him on the whole story and what not.

there's a few weddings scheduled for the month. hehe and lo and behold, the senorita and i will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary soon. we've come so far yet there's still a long way to go. the senorita went and got her hair cut on sunday and i tell ya she looked hot! hehe, i was like wei hei, nice. she kept it longish just the way i like it. still remember the first time we met. her hair was way longer back then. but she still is the same hot chick that i fell in love with. i'm probably a different fat boy now. hehe back then i blogged more and she fell in love with what i wrote. hopefully i can give her a lot more to look forward to.

i love you..

we spent sunday evening at my parent's place. little jj is starting to get used to the environment. she needed lesser time to warm up to my mom but it still is a bit touch and go with my dad. but she gets less cranky now. which is good. it was my arwah sister's birthday. she was a big u2 fan and when adam lambert sang one i couldn't help but to think about her. even man u conspired to remind me of her. the draw with the gunners at old trafford secured their 18th title, equalling that of liverpool. and for once i couldn't get all riled up to knock the devils down. heck she would have loved it anyways.

may is a month of birthdays and it was my sister jannah's birthday on monday. and today is my nephew nabil's. i'm sure he'll be celebrating it okay over there in new delhi.

i'm spent. so have a good week every one.
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