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some things u just cant fix..

sometimes u come across things in life that just appears so wrong and broken that no matter what u do u just can't fix. these things may seem minute and small but they affect u in ways that just boggles the imagination. the best thing is probably to take a step back and assess the situation. look at what is at stake and then try to take the best action that can at least salvage whatever that ur trying to fix in the first place.

cutting ur losses is not necessarily a bad thing.

when it comes to computers and phones, i'm a self confessed 'cuba dulu baru tahu' kinda guy. in this day and age of the internet, u pretty much can have a google at whatever problems that may occur and be prepared to rectify it ur self. as long as it still can be switched on, i'll be happy to give it a whack first before giving up and leaving it to the pros.

case number 1. i recently upgraded my ubuntu from version 8.10 to 9.04. it was a simple enuff process. just downloaded the installer and then ran the thing. the upgrade process ran okay, albeit a little lengthy due to the fact that i tick the option to download the latest installation file as part of the upgrade. left it running for a few hours at least. anyways, after the upgrade process was complete i found out that my iburst internet connection no longer worked. i had to go thru a whole process to get it to work on the previous version and now due to my gataltanganness i had to do it all over again. problem was, the same method didn't seem to work this time round. googled for some solution but it was futile.

there was this error message that i keep getting every time i tried to recompile the iburst drivers for the new version. i don't really read code but i figured the worst that can happen is i just fuck up the whole installation and just do a fresh install la kan. anyways, upon further menggatalling, i found out that there was this one line in the config file that basically asks the computer to search for a pcmcia card for the iburst modem. i used a usb one. so i just deleted that one line. recompiled the drivers again and voila, it worked again.

but now it seems that i can't share that connection via wifi. hey u can't win them all eh.

case number 2. i recently switched to a nokia 5800 xpressmusic from my trusted e90. i've been wanting to try out the symbian os 9.4 s60 5th edition since it came out initially but i thought that the tube wasn't really an upgrade to the ol e90 workhorse. but the tube is such a 'fun' phone i couldn't resist. hehe. anyways acat being acat, i always strive to make sure that all my phone software are bang up to date. so i updated the firmware over the air and now it is on version 21.0.025.

all good right? well not really. it seems that there's a problem with the phone's theme that if the memory card is more than 4gb, the phone will hang whenever u switch the theme to the fancy contact bar thingy. it happened to me twice already. the first time i had to take out the batteries a few times before i managed to change the setting back and the second time i had to hard reset the phone.

now if ur a regular nokia user, the hard reset code is normally *#7370# but hang on, the tube is a touch phone and how can u enter the codes if u can't access the key pad? well further googling will tell u that to hard reset the nokia 5800, u have to press the green, red and camera button whilst simultaneously pushing the power button. keep all the buttons pressed until the nokia handshake and ur phone will be reset.

so i won't be changing the phone theme to the contact bar anytime soon la kan. probably have to wait if nokia picks the bug up and rectify it in their next firmware upgrade.

so in both cases there's a problem, and assessment of the situation and an attempt to rectify the problem. there's a weighing of options before an action is taken and hopefully it's the best action la kan. whatever u decide to do, u have to remember that ur the one who has to live with the consequences.

anyways, living with the consequences of our actions ni ain't nuthin new la for me. and for that matter i'm sure we all have our fair share of that la. incidentally i think i must've jinxed the gunners la when i was in london. twice i was there, twice they had a major semifinal and i didn't go to the stadium (oh how i soo wanted too though) and twice they lost. now there's only wrestling 3rd place from chelski to look forward to. so sunday's game will be very interesting. two teams just out of the champions league semis, but damn at least chelski have that fa cup final date with everton. fuck. the gunners sure have forgotten how it feels to win something eh.

its a public holiday today. well it is for me la at least hehe. i kinda forgot about that when i was arranging my travel. the senorita had something going on in the morning (which i was told was fun and she'll be blogging more about it later) and was meeting her friend later. so i had little jj all to myself. hehe rindu la kan after how many days away. well she was kinda 'jual mahal' a bit when the senorita brought her to the airport to pick me up. with her hmm sape orang ni face looking at me slightly bemused and perplexed. but she warmed up la kan after a bit.

u lookin at me? are u lookin at me?

so i figured there'd be no problems in me taking care of her on my own. the senorita was explicit with her instructions, what time to feed little jj, what time to give the formula. i followed it to the letter la kan. threw the comforter in front of the telly and spread her toys around. she behaved fairly well.

then came the alarm. it sounds a bit like.. nenenenen.. nenenenene. nananana. nenenene. and she cried. i did everything but nothing seems to work. i had to call the senorita. when she heard the cry she said she'll come back a.s.a.p. apparently the alarm was something that can only be nullified by something that daddy doesn't have.

hmm must grow lactating boobies la ini macam.
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